Survey Shows Taiwanese People Love S’poreans. Time to Go Taiwan Now~

In a survey by the Taiwan Public Opinion Foundation, among more than 1000 surveyed adults, Singapore topped their choice for their favourite country.

This annual survey saw Japan top the list every year before, until this time. Curiously enough, Taiwan itself is nowhere to be found on the list. Of course, that may be because it wasn’t part of the choices provided at all, but that’s not the point here.

According to the survey, 87.1% of respondents liked Singapore the most, followed by Japan (83.9%), Canada (83%) then, the European Union (79%). Thank you very much, Taiwan! We love our country too.

Actually, according to another survey conducted in Singapore, Taiwan is Singaporeans’ favourite destination for good food. And being Singaporeans, where food is a major concern, that basically means Taiwan is our favourite place as well.

We’re buddies now, Taiwan!

Why We’re So “Well-Loved”

Ms Lee Peng-wen, a speech communication professor from Shih Hsin University, said the popularity of Singapore as a destination is thanks to the similarity of the culture of language between the two countries.

Singapore’s reputation of being a clean, efficient, modern and safe country has also contributed to the results.

Conversely, the least favourite country listed is North Korea with 81.6% expressing their dislike. This is surprising to exactly 0 people. Notably, China has gotten some polarizing reviews in this survey, with 47% naming it as their least favourite, and more than 44% declaring it as their most.

It seems even for tourism, China and Taiwan have some sort of love-hate relationship going on.

So next time, when you’re in Taiwan and you’re a Singaporean, remember to proclaim loudly that you’re from Singapore – pepper with a few lehs and lahs, and you might just get some discount for your XXL chicken cutlet. #justsaying

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