2 Men Called the Police After They Went For Massage But Was Given Sexual Service Instead

We usually see news about massage parlours and men getting caught for engaging in sexual services, but this time the tables have turned: the men themselves are calling the cops on the massage parlour.

They did go for massages at midnight though, which is pretty questionable. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

Coerced Men Into Sexual Services Despite Men’s Refusals

Two men, 21 and 19 years old, visited West Wellness at Citigate Residence on 10 February last year. It was near midnight when they went into the parlour and asked for a massage.

First red flag: the massage parlour giving massages past 10:30pm, which is against the law.

They agreed to pay $50 each for a one-hour body massage. The 21-year-old man paid $110 for both of them, with the $10 for administrative charges.

The two men were then led into separate cubicles divided by wooden partitions. This is the second red flag here, as customers should be able to see the massage services provided. The wooden partitions meant that massage services were administered privately, which is yet again illegal.

The two men were asked to undress. The operator of the parlour, Mika Lin Yi Hui, then began massaging the 19-year-old man. She then told him to turn over, and started touching his genitals.

The man realised what was going on and objected to sexual services, even saying no repeatedly to the extra service. Lin then left the cubicle.

You might think, whew, at least she left! Nope. She was persistent.

Lin came back after about ten minutes with another masseuse, and both of them were topless. Lin took the man’s hands and made him rub her chest, while the other masseuse touched his genitals again.

At this point, I would say that this could be counted as sexual harassment. Both kept saying “money money” to the man, and he was eventually coerced into paying for the extra service that he didn’t ask for. 

After the “massage” was over, Lin took the man’s wallet from his pants and asked for $100. He took out the cash and gave it to her, which she took and left.

Not Providing Normal Massage Services Due To CNY Period?

While all that was happening to the 19-year-old, the 21-year-old man was enjoying a perfectly normal massage.

Well, that was until Lin and another masseuse came over from the other cubicle, still topless.

When the two tried to massage him, he refused and said he only wanted a normal massage. The pair left the cubicle, only for Lin to come back and say they weren’t providing normal massage services… because of the Chinese New Year period. What?

The man asked for a refund, but the women demanded that he pay more money because the two masseuses were half-naked. They promised to continue with the normal massage.

The man gave in and paid $100 for the extra service. However, during the normal massage, the women tried to pull his shorts down, despite his refusals. He eventually gave up.

Called The Police, Women Tried To Ask Men To Leave

The two men met up after their massage sessions and asked the women for a refund of the original $110 they paid. Of course, Lin refused.

The 19-year-old then called the police and reported the women for unsolicited sexual services and coercing them to pay. Upon hearing that the man have called the police, the counter staff tried to return the money and asked them to leave.

It was, of course, too late by then.

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Pleaded Guilty To Providing Massage Services Without Valid License

Lin, who had been managing operations since August 2020, was fined $5,000 on 14 February 2022, after pleading guilty to one count of providing massage services without a valid license.

Remember the red flags I pointed out earlier? The provision of services after 10:30pm, as well as the opaque exterior and interior of the parlour, failed to satisfy conditions under the Massage Establishments Order (Exemption) Order 2018.

It turns out that Lin’s son, Weng Yize, was West Wellness’ sole proprietor. He faces a charge of allowing Lin to provide services without a valid license, and his case is still pending.

Moral of the story? Don’t go to massage parlours at midnight. You’ll never know what you might meet there.

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