What to Expect at Jewel’s Pokemon Center Before Heading There

Image: Facebook (Singapore Toy Sale)

Lest you’ve been living in a cave, you’d know that Changi Airport Jewel is open for people who have registered for the tour.

On 17 April 2019, which is like three days from now, it’ll be open to the public.

Now, if you stay in Jurong and are wondering whether it’s worth the two-hour journey to the highly anticipated attraction, this might interest you.

Especially if you’re a fan of Pokemon.

Another cheating scandal has emerged, and this time, it involves Show Luo and a young actress. Click on the image to read more!

Pokemon Center in Jewel

Any Pokemon fan would know that Pokemon Center has opened in Jewel. It’s the first Pokemon Center outside of Japan, selling a wide array of Pokémon merchandise sold in Japan as well as original merchandise exclusively created for Jewel, such as toys, stationery, Pokémon Trading Card Games and video games.

Now, notice why we’ve used “Center” instead of “Centre”?

Because it’s now official: Pikachu uses American English.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Toy Sale)

The Facebook Page Singapore Toy Sale, which is also started by the resourceful Facebook Page Singapore Atrium Sale, was there to snap a number of images, and let’s just say that you’d either be glad or disappointed.

Full of Pikachus

Unless you’re like BuffLord95 who likes hugging a Snorlax to sleep, your favourite Pokemon should be the yellow electrifying creature, and the Pokemon Center is unsurprisingly “yellowed” with yellow Pikachus.

From multiple Pikachu plushies…

Image: Facebook (Singapore Toy Sale)
Image: Facebook (Singapore Toy Sale)
Image: Facebook (Singapore Toy Sale)

…to even a pair of shoes that’s filled with the yellow cutie pie.

Do you have someone in your office who doesn’t dare to make a call? If so, this video is for you:

Image: Facebook (Singapore Toy Sale)

Other than that, there are many other Pokemon plushies as well, though it’s highly unlikely that they’ll have all Pokemons there.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Toy Sale)
Image: Facebook (Singapore Toy Sale)

If you want to show your love for Pokemon, there are also Pokemon accessories, though if you look at the price, you might change your mind and buy them from Taobao instead.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Toy Sale)

And the most interesting thingy?

Pokemon cookies.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Toy Sale)

But if you’ve drained all your money on A&W, fret not: you can take a selfie with Pikachu instead.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Toy Sale)

Now, remember: unless you’ve a preview ticket, you won’t be able to enter the premises until 17 April 2019.

And given that this Friday’s a public holiday, I’m guessing that many of us would be taking a journey to the east this long weekend.

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