What you need to know about Bugis+, the hidden mall that you should go now


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 5:00 pm

When we talk about Bugis, the only shopping mall that usually pops up in our minds is “Bugis Junction” since it is directly connected to the MRT station. Not many people will pause and think about Bugis+, which is just directly opposite Bugis Junction and even linked via an overhead bridge on the second level. However, this mall has many hidden perks that you should know about right now, before the rest of Singapore starts swarming to this relatively unknown mall!

It has a lot of F&B options for a mall its size, and mind you, they aren’t just outlets like Macdonald’s and Pizzahut. The churros fever is still hot nowadays and Churros101 is located there to satisfy your cravings for sweet treats. If you are craving for Korean cuisine, Seoul Yummy is also a destination in itself – it seems like it has snaking queues no matter what time of the day.

If you are in the mood for some entertainment, the Japanese karaoke chain Manekineko has even opened an outlet with 20 rooms, including a VIP room that can host 30 people. You can sing to all of your adoring fans/friends to your heart’s content.

Awesome cinema
Otherwise, there is also a cinema on the topmost level for you to enjoy watching blockbusters. One secret perk to this is that the Filmgarde cinema is almost always empty. We think this might be because most people visit Bugis Junction instead to watch movies. So you will always have empty seats next to you, perfect for having an almost-private movie session with your friends!

If you are only half-convinced by these, why not visit it for yourself? After all, it’s located in such a central area so you have nothing to lose by taking half an hour to make a trip down!