Some People Thanking Fake News About WhatsApp Charging Users for Sending Greeting Images

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Despite the older folks’ best intentions, overly colourful images of greetings may get a tad bit grating in the long run, especially after 365 days of non-stop transmission.

Image: WishesMsg

Image: Pinterest

There is, after all, only so much we can take in the whole “overly symbolic” department.

But most of us choose to soldier on with a smile, because we know the intentions of these older folks. And the least we want is to question their taste in greetings when they go the extra mile to present us these… symbolic gestures of goodwill.

WhatsApp Message Claiming That Users Would be Charged for Sending “Good Morning” Messages Circulates in S’pore

Alas, however, it appears that some, or rather one individual, has professed his or her disdain for such images for certain.

So recently, a message has been circulating on WhatsApp, which wouldn’t have exactly have been headline news had it not contained a rather cryptic statement:

A two-way charge, the message proclaims, will be imposed both the senders and receivers of such pictures.

And unsurprisingly, many Whatsapp users have been nothing short of alarmed, as they scramble to delete all 365 images they’ve had planned for the year ahead.

Seniors have also been largely disappointed by the news, though the younger generation may find it a little difficult to empathise.

After all, it’s not exactly comprehensible to associate such images with the term “hypebeast”– a notion all the youngsters seem to be going for nowadays.


As you may’ve surmised by now, the message is, surely much to the gratification of many seniors, fake.

WhatsApp messages are “secured with end-to-end encryption.”

What this means is that every time you send a message to someone on WhatsApp, only you and the receiving party will be able to read it, whether it’s an image, a video or a text.

Even WhatsApp is unable to see what you’ve been sending to each other, though we highly doubt that they would want to view a plethora of symbolic “Good Morning” greetings anyway.

It should also be noted that WhatsApp was and is free to use.


“But why would anyone send such a message?” you may wonder.

Though we have no conclusive proof, we speculate that the creator of the message had been so dissatisfied with receiving such images that he or she actually took the initiative to put an end to it.

Thereafter, like-minded individuals would go on to forward the message to their parents, and the parents would go on to forward it in a bid to warn their similar-generation pals about it.

From then on, the message would spread to each and every single community like wildfire – thus creating a viral notion that has since been dismissed as inauthentic.

But of course, that’s just speculation, though we wouldn’t be surprised if that was indeed the case.

Nevertheless, though this particular message is pretty much harmless, the same can’t exactly be said about everything else on the Internet.

Are you angry at someone now, and can’t get him or her out of your mind? Well, watch this video and you’ll know what to do next:

So please beware of shady messages on such communicating platforms, and remember to verify their authenticity with the respective authorities.

In the meantime…do you know that youngsters are flocking to Telegram instead? Watch this video to the end to understand why (and please subscribe to our YouTube channel for more informative videos):


Featured Image: WishesMsg & PInterest

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