WhatsApp Might Finally Have Dark Mode, Which is Easier on the Eyes at Night

Last Updated on 2018-09-20 , 5:56 pm

Singapore has one of the highest levels of myopia or the “four-eyes” syndrome in the world.

About 65% of primary six students and 28% of primary one students in Singapore have to wear glasses.

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And it doesn’t help that unlike the previous generation, kids today are more likely to stay indoors and play on their smartphones or computers.

Using Your Mobile Phone in the Dark

In case you didn’t know, you should not use your mobile phone in the dark without other light sources.

A man in China actually developed conjunctival concretions, a “stone-like, hard calcified matter”, in his eyes after playing mobile games on his smartphone in the dark.

The doctor who treated the 26-year-old warned people against using phones in the dark. They should also maintain a safe distance from the screen and refrain from rubbing their eyes.

He added that people with dry eyes have a higher risk of getting the condition.

Which is why, whenever you’re looking at your phone in a dark environment, either reduce the brightness of your screen or switch over to dark mode.

Like our Goody Feed app, which has a dark mode for the Android version (dark mode on iOS still WIP!) to entertain you to sleep at night.

WhatsApp Now Coming With “Dark Mode”

Goody Feed isn’t the only app to recognise the legitimate need for a dark mode. Even WhatsApp is getting onto the bandwagon now.

And unlike past updates, this will be for both Android and Apple, so both sides can chill.

Image: Screengrab from WABetaInfo

According to a tweet by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp could be launching the “dark mode” as part of its upcoming updates.

At the current moment, your WhatsApp application only allows you to change the wallpaper background for your chat windows.

And they’re not the only one.

Facebook Messenger also announced that it will be launching a “dark mode” of its own. Unlike WhatsApp, however, Facebook did not announce the release date of the feature.

Dark Mode Is Cool

Netizens welcomed the news with open arms.

While some felt that WhatsApp’s UI is far overdue for a revamp

Others hoped the WhatsApp UI will be less “ugly”

Another netizen felt that “Dark Mode” just makes everything cooler

And seeing how much cooler the dark mode made YouTube.

Image: Screengrab from YouTube

You got to agree that what he said makes sense.

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And just for reference (and to show you how dope our app is), here’s our app in normal mode:

And this is in night mode:

Just so you know, it took a lot of resources, testing and coding just to include the night mode feature (it’s not just changing the colours, my friend). Download our app here!

Currently Not Available On The WhatsApp Beta Version

As everybody knows, the people who’ll get their hands on the “dark-moded” Whatsapp is going to be the beta testers.

If you’re really impatient and want to get your hands on it as fast as possible, just sign yourself up as a beta tester with WhatsApp

As of the time of writing, it seems that the beta version of WhatsApp does not have that feature just yet.

But it’ll be coming along real soon. Probably.

After all, most of the times, whenever there’s an alleged new feature, it usually appeared in our WhatsApp a few months later.

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