Wheelchair Rental Company Gets Bad Reviews After Leaving Elderly Stranded

Image: Carousell (Revwheelchair) / Facebook

The show must go on.

Needless to say, sometimes hiccups happen and plans do not follow through accordingly.

I’m sure you’ve been somewhere where a bus was late, a Grab or Gojek got cancelled, or your friend pangseh your movie outing in favour of a sudden Tinder date.

Yet for this group of old folks going to the Bird Park for a field day, it wasn’t exactly… a stellar experience.

Still, thanks to their organizers and the senior participants’ cheerfulness, they did have a field day.

Wheelchair Rental Service’s Negative Review Goes Viral

Revwheelchair, a Carousell Wheelchair Rental company, was recently slammed online for its failure to deliver 40 wheelchairs to Facebook user Nafiz SerbaBoleh.

Nafiz was an event organizer for welfare organisation Happy People Helping People Community, which sought to rent the wheelchairs so they could bring 108 senior cupboard collectors to Jurong Bird Park for a grand time.

In his Facebook post, Nafiz stated that the seniors were between 60 and 98 years old, and walking long distances would be an issue for most of them.

Image: Facebook (Happy People Helping People Community)

As a result, Nafiz, after several bad exchanges with Revwheelchair, promised to expose them online.

Here’s the Facebook post:

Image: Facebook (Carousell – Singapore)

The Whatsapp quarrel they exchanged:

Image: Facebook (Carousell – Singapore)

And the ultimatum:

Image: Facebook (Carousell – Singapore)

Netizens, of course, weren’t about to let Revwheelchair off lightly either. You can read their comments here and the bad reviews here.

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The rating that Revwheelchair had received from numerous angry reviewers, averaged 1.2 out of 5.

The company had earlier promised the delivery, but that didn’t happen, stating vehicle breakdown as an excuse. Then they agreed to rent a lorry but went back on their promise again.

As a result, the poor seniors had to walk a long distance in the sun without support.

It was however and indeed fortunate that they did have a grand time even without the wheelchairs.

Image: Facebook (Happy People Helping People Community)

With any luck, the wheelchair rental company will learn from their mistakes and ensure that it won’t happen again. Thankfully, the elderly folks still had a good time.