When Queuing for Fried Chicken, Auntie Said Uncle Fat So Uncle Bought All Fried Chicken

Who doesn’t love fried chicken?

Come on, don’t lie to yourself. You know it’s the one guilty pleasure you indulge in whenever it’s a cheat day for your diet plan.

Sure, it may be fattening, but it’s GOOD.

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Of course, some of us may be blessed with a fast metabolism rate that makes digesting faster, and thus able to eat more fried chicken without worrying about the consequences afterwards and the toll it will take on our weight.

Some people may not be so lucky, but it’s alright – every body type is different, and we shouldn’t shame others for something that can be quite challenging to control.

Just take it from this guy, who left an auntie without any fried chicken out of spite.

Fat Uncle

One Frederico Hill shared his experience at a fried chicken store in Indonesia on Facebook, where he encountered a rude woman who fat-shamed him and decided to take his own petty yet hilarious form of revenge on her.

He’d gone to a fried chicken store to get some fried chicken but overheard the lady behind him telling her currently whining child that he could only have one piece, or else he would end up as fat as the uncle queuing up in front of them. Tsk, how rude.

Instead of telling the rude lady off, Frederico decided to take his revenge in another form.

He asked the clerk if they only had all the chicken on display left, and after confirming that it would take another 30 minutes for the next batch to be prepared and fried, he decided to buy everything they had just so that the lady wouldn’t be able to get any.

I’m here for this level of pettiness, honestly.

Please Wait

After he paid for all of the chicken, he made sure to walk away slowly to savour the reaction of the lady and true enough, it didn’t disappoint. When she was about to place her order, the clerk told her that she had to wait 30 minutes for the next batch to be ready.


Her child even became more impatient and whined even more, making the lady visibly angry and upset with how the situation turned into chaos, frowning at Frederico.

Frederico then flashed her the finger before making his way home with all that fried chicken in tow.


Even after losing RP240,000 ($22.30 SGD) and having 15 pieces of fried chicken to finish all on his own, he still said that the look on the lady and her child’s face was worth it for it was priceless.

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Image: Facebook/Frederico Hill

Ah, the things we humans do just for spite. Yet, it’s just so satisfying, isn’t it?

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Mixed Reactions

The post took off and garnered 2000 shares and close to 500 comments, of which were mixed reactions, as with every story that’s put on social media.

Most of them laughed at Frederico’s method of revenge and supported him for being so petty.

Image: Facebook/Frederico Hill

One guy even offered to give Frederico back the RP$240,000 that he spent on this sweet revenge!

Image: Facebook/Frederico Hill

On the other hand, criticisms were seen as well, saying how Frederico wasn’t showing the child a good example when he could’ve done so, especially as his mother wasn’t going to be one.

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Image: Facebook/Frederico Hill
Image: Facebook/Frederico Hill

Of course, there are also skeptics who didn’t believe that this incident actually happened like he said it did.

Image: Facebook/Frederico Hill
Image: Facebook/Frederico Hill

Oh well, regardless of whether it did happen or not, you have to admit that’s a savage form of revenge.


Hopefully, the lady knows better now than to rudely fat shame others in front of her children no less.


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