White Cat Won the Internet As It Jumped into Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s House During CNA Live Broadcast

The wait for the 2020 general election results yesterday (10 July) felt longer than the McDonald’s closure during the circuit breaker.

Since voting hours were extended by the Elections Department, the electorate had to wait a little longer than usual to learn the outcome.

So, we listened to newscasters talk about absolutely nothing for around two hours while they showed fascinating videos of buses picking up officers and reporters telling us things we knew a week ago.

Then a little creature came along and saved viewers all over the country from murderous boredom: the CNA Cat.

White Cat Won the Internet As It Jumped into Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s House During CNA Live Broadcast

If you tuned in last night, you would have seen CNA reporter Gwyneth Teo outside Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s house, waiting to televise his reaction after finding out the Progress Singapore Party’s (PSP) fate in West Coast GRC.

But Dr Tan was probably struggling to stay awake on his couch while staring at a reporter on television standing outside his house waiting for him to come out.

She was waiting for him to come out, and he was waiting for her to announce some results so he could come out. It seemed like a cycle that would never end.

Recognising that the entire country was about to fall asleep, one white cat casually strolled into the frame to provide some entertainment while Teo was talking about the voting extension.

The CNA Cat not only news-bombed Teo, but nonchalantly paused for a moment outside Dr Tan’s gate, presumably to reflect on its voting choices.

The white feline then jumped through Dr Tan’s gate and vanished into the wilderness.

Netizen Reaction 

Netizens were so bored at the time that they all took to social media to let everyone else know about the earth-shattering discovery.

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Some suggested that the cat should run for office:

Teo’s Reaction

As any good reporter knows, you’re supposed to ignore anything that goes on in the background while you’re broadcasting, even if Dr Tan chose to run naked in the streets due to ennui.

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Fortunately, the cat came back out sometime later and Teo took a picture with the little guy.


Step aside, Jamus Lim. We have a new celebrity in town.

PSP’s Performance

Almost as impressive as this cat’s indifference to news decorum was PSP’s performance in West Coast GRC against the ruling party.

Image: YouTube (CNA)

Despite being younger than some toddlers, Dr Tan’s party managed to get 48.31% of the votes against a strong PAP team that included Minister for Communications and Information S. Iswaran and Minister for Social and Family Development Desmond Lee.

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PSP may not have won in any of the nine constituencies in which it contested, but its secretary-general says he is proud of his party’s performance in the election.

“We have caused an impact in this General Election (GE). We may not have won seats, but if we look at the level of support to PSP candidates, the average is about 40 per cent,” Dr Tan said.


“An average of 40 per cent for a new party and going into all these new areas, I am actually quite proud of that performance. I think it is the beginning of a new chapter for PSP, and I think the movement that I have created will grow.”

As to whether the CNA Cat will be unveiled as one of its newest candidates for the next general election, Dr Tan remained tight-lipped.

We’re all, however, rooting for the cat.

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