White Rabbit Shower Cream & Lotion Available On Taobao

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The hype over White Rabbit has officially reached a new level of creativity, or absurdity, depending on your love for it.

Not too long ago, cafes and ice cream shops in Singapore, Los Angeles and Malaysia were dishing out White Rabbit flavoured treats.

Unfortunately, these edible treats were not accessible by all White Rabbit lovers due to the stores’ locations.

But hey, food only lasts for as long as you eat it for.

How About Scents & Lotions?

Thanks to Scent Library, you can now bathe and soak yourself in White Rabbit scented beauty products. For hours.

Yes, you get to smell like your favourite candy for hours.

Source: Giphy

White Rabbit Galore

Scent Library is a Chinese company that just released a range of beauty products infused with “Sugared Jasmine petals” and “Madagascan Vanilla”. Sounds promising, actually.

Source: msn.com

Let’s be real though, things always become more, and sometimes, very expensive when people hype over them. (Ahem, salted egg craze)

And that goes for the White Rabbit beauty products too (a small bag of candies cost only a few dollars in the local supermarkets).

And It’s Affordable Too

Luckily, the prices aren’t too bad, considering that they do last for a while. Here’s a price list of the products, rounded off to SGD dollars:

  • White Rabbit candy fragrances (S$29 – S$57)
  • White Rabbit candy hand cream (S$6)
  • White Rabbit candy car fragrance clips (S$21.20)
  • Rabbit candy shower cream (S$13)
  • White Rabbit candy body lotion (S$15)
  • White Rabbit candy bags (S$37 – S$122)

Here’s an image of the real-life products, taken by a customer:

Source: Tmall

Reviews are slightly mixed.

Most adored the milky and vanilla scent, with one very happy customer claiming that she almost ate the product.


Source: Tmall

Others find the sweet scent too sickening and overpowering.

Source: Tmall

This user commented that while the product has a faint floral smell and a strong milky scent, she doesn’t find the scent to be similar to White Rabbit candies.

As always, reviews are users’ personal experiences and preferences.

What others may not like, you may.

How much can you earn from delivering food with foodpanda in Singapore? We tried it out for you, and the amount is apparently not what we’ve expected:

There is no harm in purchasing the products to try, especially if you are an avid fan of White Rabbit.

Get your hands on a product of your choice if you have always love White Rabbit!

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