Man Arrested for Throwing Multiple Packages of White Substance from His HDB Flat

We’ve learned this since we were children: don’t be a nuisance to your neighbourhood.

Or at least be smart about it and not get caught.

This wasn’t the case because according to Stomp, a 20-year-old man was arrested at a Housing Board (HDB) block in Bukit Panjang on 22 May.

The reason is even more bo liao, because the guy was apparently seen throwing ‘powder bombs’ down.

Think those exploding packets you used to prank your friends in primary school, only several times larger.

The situation is so strange that the police are still investigating the reason behind this.

And in case you think it’s too unrealistic to be true, the Stomper even took a video of said event.

According to the Stomper, the man actually threw multiple of these packages instead of just stopping the first time.

“Every object he threw created a loud boom, which was why we managed to capture on video. If he had thrown everything at one go, we might not have been able to do so.”

The Stomper’s daughter quickly called the police, who went to take photos and collect evidence of the substances thrown.

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Police mentioned that they were alerted about someone throwing ‘boom bags’ from the blocks’ fifth floor around 5.56 pm that day.

Even the foot of the block was not spared this mess.

If the guy wanted attention then well, he’s certainly famous now. Props to getting arrested.

Image: gfycat

As of now, the Facebook post for this has gotten over 170 reactions, 30 comments and 114 shares.

Explosive Comments

Get it? A bomb bag and explosive joke?

The writer thinks he’s too hilarious.

People obviously weren’t too happy about this. Naturally, the comments took to roasting this silly teenager.

And some of them were pretty…bomb.

Image: Facebook

Could even make for some good exercise, too!

Image: Facebook

The practice is good but obviously, in this case, he was in the wrong place and wrong time.

However, there were also comments who actually made good points besides just blasting the youth.

Image: Facebook

Silly actions like this could potentially cause injury to a passerby. We’re not sure how heavy the impact would be but the explosion could likely be more dangerous than it seems.

Circuit Breaker doesn’t mean your house is a playground. Remember to have basic respect.

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