Widow Of M’sian Commando Killed In Live Firing Demonstration Finds Out She’s Pregnant 2 Days After Death

There’s a Chinese saying that really does appear to be true.


An English version of this proverb would be “Misfortunes never come singly” or “Misfortune comes in threes”.

Sometimes I wake up late because my alarm didn’t go off. And then the water heater doesn’t work when I bathe. And then I miss my bus. And then I realised I left my wallet at home. And then my earpiece malfunctions.

Point is, when shit happens, they really do come all at once.

Another unfortunate incident seems to prove this right.

Malaysian Commando Killed In Live-Firing Exercise

Mejar Mohd Zahir Armaya was a commando of the 11th Special Forces Regiment.

When you hear both “commando” and “Special Forces”, you don’t need military knowledge to know they’re tough guys.

But accidents befall even the most capable of soldiers.

During a live-firing demonstration in conjunction with the launching of the Fifth Infantry Division and the 13th Infantry Brigade in Sabah, tragedy struck.

Zahir was playing a criminal in the demonstration and was to be shot in his bulletproof vest.

Unfortunately, the shooter missed his mark.

Investigations are ongoing currently.

His wife, Nour Shafinar Harun, does not wish to point fingers.

She said “I have made my peace and do not blame anyone. For me, it was just an accident during training.”

Widow Left Behind Discovered To Be Pregnant

Nour Shafinar Harun on the right / Image: The Star

Harun was told that she had looked physically different by her friends while they were visiting.

Even her counsellor, who was a doctor, pointed that out and asked if she was pregnant.

Just two days after Zahir’s passing, Harun confirmed that she was, indeed, pregnant.

With the absence of her husband, she now has to prepare for an incoming infant on top of her three current children.

Tuanku Zara, the wife of the Sultan of Perak, made a personal visit to Harun, pleading for her to stay strong for her family before handing over a donation to assist her.

With two consecutive blows to her life happening within days, we can all only pray for her to be able to stay strong in these tough times.

I can only hope that the proverb “Misfortune comes in threes” will not be literally true in her case.


Stay strong, Madam Harun.

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