A Wife Made a B’Day Cake That Looks Like a Cigarette Box to Convey a Message

I‘ve always been an ardent supporter of the anti-smoking faction, no thanks to my dad, who had been an avid smoker with a tendency to fill the entire living room with toxic gas.

Of course, I’ve tried to dissuade him from the act many times, from sincere af pleas to nagging like my mum. Naturally, none worked.

Just when I’m about to give up and live the rest of my life in a shroud of second-hand smoke, I came upon this:

A Wife Made a B’Day Cake That Looks Like a Cigarette Box to Convey a Message

Image: Suami Isteri Bahagia Facebook Page

Image: imgflip.com

The Deets

Facebook user Suami Isteri Bahagia posted a photo of the unique looking cake on 4 August 2017.

Image: Suami Isteri Bahagia Facebook Page

Shaped in the form of a cigarette pack (with the usual warning label attached), the birthday cake comes alongside a miniature grave with a message that reads: “smoking is deadly, please value the life you have, abang”.

And of course, the birthday boy has to be in on the ‘joke’ too, right?

Image: Suami Isteri Bahagia Facebook Page

100% authentic smile right there!

Image: Suami Isteri Bahagia Facebook Page

Even bringing the little ones into the equation!

Image: Suami Isteri Bahagia Facebook Page

That’s the face of a man who’s pretty much resigned to his fate.


The post went viral on the net, with over 8.8K likes & reactions, as well as 11K shares.

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Incidentally, Netizens raved about how hilarious the whole set-up was.

“Hahaha! His smile is totally not genuine!” one Netizen commented.

“It would be better if the grave was bigger than the cigarette packet, and you should have written your husband’s name on it. Confirm he’ll completely stop smoking by tomorrow!” another joked.

“She should have put her own grave on the cake instead because it’s usually secondhand smokers that bear the negative consequences,” commented another Netizen.

At the end of the line

That being said, I can totally see where the wife’s coming from. After all, we aren’t really being assholes when we urge you to quit smoking.

We just care for your health.

(And ours, but let’s not mention that coz’ it spoils the mood)

On another note…

Anyone knows how to bake a cake like that? Could definitely use it in the office 😉

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Featured image: Suami Isteri Bahagia Facebook Page