Wild Boar Crashed Head First Into Glass Door at Sengkang MRT Station After It Failed to Hit a Person

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Animals have been having a good time as of late.

With a microscopic virus keeping most people in their homes, many animals have been seen roaming empty streets, without fear of being attacked or having their habitats destroyed.

We’re finally free. The humans have left this world behind!

Image: The Conversation

But now they we’re back outside, these creatures aren’t too happy, to say the least.

Wild Boar Crashed Head First Into Glass Door at Sengkang MRT Station After It Failed to Hit a Person

You aren’t hallucinating. This actually happened.

A video of a wild boar charging at a person and then crashing into a glass door at Sengkang MRT station has been making the rounds on social media.

The video, which is a little amusing and mostly terrifying, was posted on Instagram stories.

It’s only three seconds, but it’s scarier than all three Conjuring movies put together.

Image: Facebook via Mothership

The person, who must be Jackie Chan in disguise, skillfully dodges the crazed boar at the last minute, and instead of stopping like a normal boar, this lunatic charges into the glass door of Sengkang MRT station, shattering it.

Reader: Wait, what the heck would Jackie Chan be doing in Singapore?

Well, what would a wild boar be doing near an MRT station?

Reader: Touche

It’s unclear if the wild boar was a safe distancing ambassador who took his job too seriously, or whether he was just really upset that humans were back on the streets.

Either way, the chunky little swine shattered the glass door to pieces when it crashed into it.

Image: Instagram (sugerfied)

According to Mothership, the door has been cordoned off and is no longer in use.

No one knows where the boar is now or why it was there at all. Maybe it was rushing to catch a train home.


Same Boar Spotted At Compassvale Estate?

On the same day, another boar was spotted running in the Compassvale estate in Sengkang.

Can we say for sure that it’s the same boar? No. But how many boars have you seen running so forcefully and elegantly?

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Then again, the country might be facing a boar takeover, because a group of five boars was also spotted at an HDB void deck.

Image: MS News

What To Do If You Encounter A Boar

According to NParks, there are three things you should do if you come across a wild boar:

  • Keep calm and retreat slowly
  • Maintain a safe distance and do not provoke it
  • Leave adults with young piglets alone

If you happen to encounter that demented boar from Sengkang, keep calm, and dodge it like Jackie Chan if it charges at you.


After that, all you have to do is change your soiled pants and move on with your life.

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