Woman Allegedly Found Huge Chunks of Egg Shells in McDonald’s Burger

If you’ve ever suspected McDonald’s of using ‘fake’ or ‘unreal’ ingredients, now is the time for you to eat your words.

Because according to the fast food restaurant’s Facebook page, a woman found egg shells in her burger.

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But hey, it’s real eggs after all!

On Sunday (18 Nov 2018), Ms Wai Yeng posted a complaint on McDonald’s Facebook page at 11.33 a.m. She had bought her burger from Changi Airport Terminal 4 recently, and was horrified to have discovered egg shells in it.

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And no, it isn’t just your occasional chip of shell. The burger was filled with huge chunks of eggshell!

I guess it’s safe to conclude that McDonald’s use REAL eggs for its burgers, and not liquid eggs.

Someone then posted this:

Ah, the subtle burn.

McDonald’s Reply

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Thankfully, McDonald’s has apologized to Ms Wai Yeng and is looking into the matter. It is also keen on contacting Ms Wai Yeng.

But of course, no matter what, remember this: this could be an isolated incident. In any case, we now know they use real eggs and not those eggs in cartons.

That Said…

Even though I am a huge fan of McDonald’s, I have to admit that this isn’t the first time McDonald’s has disappointed its customers.

I mean, remember the highly anticipated Pulled Chicken Burger?

However, the burger turned out to be, well, disappointing. Take a look at it yourself.

Image: mothership.com

Late last year, the fast food restaurant launched its Cheesy Loaded Fries. To the disappointment of those who’ve tried it, the cheese was enough to feed only a tiny mouse.

Hardly appropriate to name the dish Cheesy Loaded Fries.

Suffice to say, it never came back.

Then again…are egg shells edible?

Ok, I know this is beside the point but I was curious and did up a bit of research on my own. And the results reveal that:

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Egg shells may be good for us!

According to NetDoctor, egg shells are made up of 95% calcium carbonate, with one shell containing two grams of calcium. Aside from promoting bone and muscle health, this can help relieve common issues like heartburn and acid ingestion.

So perhaps that gritty sandy bites aren’t that bad after all, eh?

But of course, it is important to ensure that the shells are properly cleaned and free of germs.

Though I’m sure that’s not what McDonald’s has in mind.