Woman Broke Her Ribs from Coughing After Eating an Extra Spicy Meal

Last Updated on 2023-03-10 , 6:24 pm

Spicy food is something that a person either likes a lot or something that a person downright hates.

In Singapore and around Asia, we tend to eat a lot of it and from time to time, we might cough uncontrollably due to the spice.

This is normally solved after a couple of minutes or with a gulp of water.

However, for a woman from Shanghai, she could not stop coughing after consuming an extra spicy meal, which eventually led to her breaking her ribs due to the force of the cough.

Ribs Broke Due to Insufficient Muscle Strength 

Don’t worry, this situation probably won’t happen to you.

This is because aside from the spicy meal being a contributory factor in the breaking of her ribs, the woman’s small and fragile upper body also played a part.

Although the woman was 171cm and weighed 57kg, the woman’s upper body apparently did not have enough muscle strength to properly stabilise and support her ribs.

Coughed While Eating a Spicy Meal

In a video posted on Weibo, the woman explained that she was having a spicy meal one day and suddenly started coughing halfway through the meal due to the spice.

After coughing for a period of time, she stated that she heard a loud crack coming from the middle of her body, which was followed by a feeling of constant sharp pain around her chest region.

Nervous, the woman thought she was having a stroke as she could not get up and start walking.

She was then subsequently sent to the hospital to allow the doctors to check on her condition.

CT Scan Discovers Four Broken Ribs

Upon conducting a CT scan, doctors found out that the woman had four broken ribs in her Thoracic Cage.

To help her recover, she mentions that the doctor advised her to wrap bandages over the affected area and to give herself about a month of rest.

One week after the incident, the woman returned to the hospital for a follow-up appointment with her doctor, where she asked about how it happened.

In response, the doctor told her that her broken ribs were most probably caused by a combination of her small upper torso and the cough she was experiencing.

In addition to telling her the reason, the doctor also advised her to put on a little bit of healthy weight through exercise to prevent future incidents from happening again.