Woman Caught Spraying Water From 4th Floor Towards Cat; Motive Unknown

Image: Facebook

This next feline story doesn’t hail from Yishun.

Instead, a woman was caught raining on a community cat’s parade in Beo Crescent and it has gotten tongues wagging.

27 Second Video of Woman Playing God or Storm From X-Men

Facebook user Sammi Zhen uploaded a short video clip unto her account on Tuesday (4 June) just past.

In it, Sammi’s lens appears to be training in on a woman from a vantage point, presumably one or two floors diagonally below where she stood.

The first few seconds of the video shows the woman rummaging through what seems to be a bucket and retrieving an unseen item.

A black cat can also be seen minding its own business and rocking it on the pavement just below the flat.

At this time, it is not beyond presumption to reckon that all is good with human-animal dynamics at Beo Crescent.

Image: GIF source from Sammi Zhen’s Facebook

This utopic idea is promptly shattered in a matter of seconds.

The woman takes a few steps to her left and appears to reach over the parapet.

Image: MarketFresh

As Sammi’s lens zooms in unto the woman, the retrieved item can now be identified as a makeshift rainmaker, or watering canister, given a second life after its first as possibly a Tai Hua soy sauce container.

The woman then appears to take aim at the cat down below and can be presumed to squirt some chemically-named H20 unto the unsuspecting feline.

Image: GIF source from Sammi Zhen’s Facebook

Jets of H20 can be seen ejecting from the homemade WMD and the black cat is nowhere to be seen when the lens zooms out.

The woman then proceeds to check, clear her rifle the bottle before returning it to the arm skote aforementioned bucket.

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Image: GIF source from Sammi Zhen’s Facebook

The entire clip can be seen here.

Comments And Apparently Not The First Time

Unsurprisingly, cat-lovers and just normal decent-minded folks were up in arms collectively.

Image: Facebook/Sammi Zhen
Image: Facebook/Sammi Zhen
Image: Facebook/Sammi Zhen

In numerous comments on the post, Sammi shared that this wasn’t the first time the lady had tormented community cats in this manner.

In even more telling revelation, Sammi shared that the cat actually belonged to a “neighbour downstairs”.

Image: Facebook/Sammi Zhen

Needless to say, many felt that the woman should be reported to the relevant organisations and welfare groups.

But a series of comments stood out most among all.

It is reproduced in full glory below.

Image: Facebook/Sammi Zhen


Auntie, you okay?