Woman Charged With Selling Skin Cream That Contains Listed Poison on Shopee


Malaysian Woman Faces Trial for Selling Harmful ‘Star Cream’ on Shopee Linked to Health Risks

If you’re a skincare enthusiast with an extensive routine that you follow religiously, it’s best to avoid “star cream”.

In a recent case, a Malaysian woman, Chin Sook Yee, is undergoing trial for selling skin cream which contains hazardous substances on Shopee.

Chin faces 11 charges of selling poisons without a license under the Poisons Act. If convicted, she could be jailed for up to two years or fined up to $10,000, or both.

The Dangers of the Product

It was reported that Chin operated under the shop name “Starcream_homemade official” and allegedly sold the cream to at least four buyers on multiple occasions between January and May 2022.

The cream contains several harmful substances, including clobetasol propionate which is a powerful steroid and ketoconazole which is used to treat fungal infections.

These ingredients are known to cause skin irritations, burning sensation, itchiness and redness.

Previous Warnings from the Health Sciences Authority (HSA)

This exact cream was the subject of a warning issued by the Health Sciences Authority (HAS), advising the public not to purchase or use it.

One serious incident linked to this cream involved a four-month-old infant developing Cushing’s syndrome—a serious condition caused by prolonged steroid use, characterized by a rounded or “moon face” appearance.

The infant, who had been using the cream for diaper rash since he was two weeks old, was hospitalized due to steroid toxicity. Symptoms were severe, including persistent vomiting, abnormal eye alignment, and bulging in the soft part of his skull.

Apart from “star cream”, another similar cream, “Tao Ju Hui Yi Mei Li Shang Kou Hu Li Ruan Gao”, contained similar ingredients and was sold at an outlet last year at Eunos and various e-commerce platforms.

This cream also caused Cushing’s syndrome in another child with symptoms of a rounded face, excessive hair growth on the body and thinning of the skin.

Following these incidents, HSA then worked with e-commerce administrators to remove the product from online platforms. The Eunos stall has also ceased operations.

Do ensure not to purchase these products and look out for the harmful ingredients that were mentioned. Always research thoroughly before purchasing products and of course, don’t buy things from shady sources lah.