Woman Claimed Clinic Told Her to Work Even When She Was Sick & Didn’t Pay Her After She Quit


It’s common to see many anonymous bad reviews on Glassdoor; many of us like to complain, but not many would make any noise for being happily employed unless they’re incentivised to do so.

But to post a negative review on Facebook with your personal profile? And accusing an employer of abuse?

A woman decided to do just that, and the employer has clapped back.

Woman Claimed Clinic Told Her to Work Even When She Was Sick & Didn’t Pay Her After She Quit

A Facebook user has openly shamed a clinic chain for its supposed abusive conducts towards her.

She has joined the company on 6 February 2023, and left on 27 March 2023.

In her post, she accused the clinic of these:

  • The clinic didn’t train her and expect her to know everything, and was blamed for “not knowing everything”
  • The clinic manager allegedly left her to run the clinic herself while she went “shopping”
  • One day, she was sick and still went to work, and by 3:30pm, she felt so unwell that she took her own temperature and realised she had a high fever of 42°C. She requested to be dismissed earlier but her manager said that should she did that, it would be considered a no-paid leave, so she was allegedly told to hang on until 4:45pm.
  • She left on 27 March and expected the pay to come in on 28 March, but was told the pay would only come in on 28 April
  • She claimed the clinic shortened her notice period, which she claimed because of that, she is entitled to having her pay come in on 28 March
  • The boss has “blocked” her everywhere and she couldn’t contact him

She then went on to list down all the clinics under the same owner.

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The woman made her accusations on 28 March, and yesterday (31 March), the clinic responded.

Response from the Clinic

The clinic had initially not want to address this as they did not want to make the dispute public, but decided to respond publicly after it “escalated to prank calls on clinic land line which is affecting our standard of care to patients in need of medical attention, as well as fake google reviews which affects our reputation.”

They do have receipts, like screenshots of conversations, but would not show them publicly at the moment to protect the privacy of the woman.

They did not address the conduct of the manager, but focused on three key accusations.


Telling Her to Work When She’s Sick

According to the clinic’s records, she had indeed sent in a photo of a thermometer at 38°C (instead of the 42°C she claimed). They had advised her to see the doctor on duty but she replied this instead: “I see how, just eat med”.

They had not forced her to continue working.

Notice Period and Pay

She was paid in full on 28 March 2023, and pertaining to her notice period, she was the one who requested it to be shortened.

Ghosting Her Without Payment

They said communication channels have remained open, and that is untrue.

The clinic has since lawyered up, and “hope that the offender will take this opportunity to rectify her actions by replacing her post with a public apology by 2nd April 2023 to minimize any further damage to our reputation.”

As of time of writing, the woman’s post is still up, with over 2,100 shares, while the clinic’s post has only 97 shares.