Woman Created Space For Herself On Crowded MRT With Hula Hoop

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Let’s face it; nobody likes having to squeeze on top of a crowded MRT early in the morning.


Image: Gfycat

And little wonder why, really. By volunteering for an early train ride, you’re effectively signing up for:

  • Commuters who reek of the classic post-sleep, pre-shower ‘fragrance’
  • Bumping shoulders, and not in a friendly way
  • Uninvited touchiness (cue that auntie smiling at you when you turn back to look)

Image: Gfycat

Best morning experience ever? Hardly.

Yet, even so, we’re forced to go through this arduous ritual, time and time again, day after day. And unless you have a chauffeur of your own or at least a vehicle to get around on…

It’s unlikely that you’ll ever break that vicious cycle.

Image: Giphy

But hey, if there’s any consolation, there is another way to secure a safe berth in the train.

A way you and I have probably never even considered before.

Chauffeur? Vehicle? No, all you need is a hula hoop

According to resident journalist site Stomp, Stomper Lee came across a rather interesting scenario on Thursday morning (25 July):

A woman was choping some space on a train bound towards Novena, with nothing but a classic hula hoop.

Image: Stomp

The incident had reportedly occurred at around 10:00 a.m.

And well, just like you and me, Lee was probably shooked by the whole get-up.


“The woman was already standing in her circle when I boarded the train,” she told Stomp.

“Everyone behaved like it was normal to not step into the circumference of the hula hoop.”

“I found it hilarious as others were squeezing for space but this champion had a world to herself.”

Though hey, you know what they say;

it’s not dumb if it works. 😉

Netizens react

After the intriguing experience was documented online, Netizens turned up in droves to air their opinions.


And well, as you might or might not have expected, Netizens proved to be pretty snarky about it all.

Image: Stomp

Image: Stomp

Image: Stomp

Some, however, lambasted the woman directly.


Image: Stomp

Though like everything else in the world, she did have her empathisers.

Image: Stomp

But at the very end…

It seems that one side quite clearly dominates the other.


Image: Stomp

And so… now what?

Well, if there’s one thing we’ve confirmed from this incident…

It’s that ‘the floor is lava’ theory might hold more truth than we previously thought.

Image: Giphy


So if you’re ‘wise’, you would do well to get anything space-worthy…

And plop it on the train, just like the valiant young lady up above. 🙂

P.s. Please don’t do it for real. And if you really do it please don’t say that you learnt it from us.

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