Woman DIY a Kitchen Island with 3 IKEA Items for Just S$97.50

Always wanted your own kitchen island but lacked the resources to do so?

Well, IKEA is here to save the day.

A woman has assembled her own kitchen island using individual IKEA furniture…

And only spent RM300, or S$97.50, in the process.

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IKEA… the furniture manufacturer that we need…

But arguably don’t deserve.

Woman DIY a Kitchen Island with 3 IKEA Items for Just S$97.50

On 9 July, Twitter user @yatt_azml shared her own DIY Kitchen Island creation on the social media platform, much to the approval and applause of those sick and tired of forking out exorbitant sums for furniture.

The kitchen island comprises merely two major parts and some metal stands.

For the major parts, a wooden chopping board was purchased to serve as countertop, while a shelf was used as the base.

Although the user bought the items in Malaysia, the material can essentially be procured from the Singapore IKEA stores at their listed prices, which are around the same as Malaysia prices.

Image: IKEA
Image: IKEA
Image: IKEA

A L-shaped bracket was also employed to hold the counterpart and the shelf together.

Image: Mothership

According to the Twitter user, the application of wood oil to the chopping board once every two weeks (or a month) could serve to extend the structure’s lifespan. And considering how the “production” cost stands at just S$97.50…

We would say that the “maintenance fee” is more than justified.

You can view the original Twitter post down below:

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IKEA Reopening Its Doors

Amid the ongoing epidemic, one may be forgiven for perceiving the current state to be undesirable for such ‘mundane’ things as furniture shopping. After all, furniture can always be bought;

But health and longevity only take that precious one second to unravel.

And to a certain extent, that’s definitely true. But with unimaginable costs and sheer convenience at stake, one can’t help but pine for a return to IKEA’s premises…

Which was made possible last month, on the 19th.

So if you want to start on your own little kitchen island, you’re entirely at liberty to do so. As long as you observe the necessary safety regulations and comply with basic hygiene protocols, there’s really no reason why you can’t do so.

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Plus, you can always stop by their famed restaurant, which reopened on 29 last month, for a quick meal.

The menu might have changed a little bit, but the one thing everyone goes there for is still being made available to the public.

Image: lookboxliving.com

So in a sense, you can get the best of both worlds:

Affordable furniture, and a sumptuous plate of meatballs.

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