Woman Found ‘Wire’ in Tampines Bakery; Bakery Offered a Refund Instead

Credits: Stomp

Things get into food all the time because the world isn’t perfect all the time.

And just because you don’t see foreign objects on your plate (or bowl or plastic bag), or because you’ve never heard of a certain store adding extra ingredients into their goods, doesn’t actually mean that they’re not also imperfect.

Ever wondered how many foreign objects you’ve swallowed by now because they were embedded somewhere in your grub, out of sight?

Well, at least that’s not what happened here, because if the customer hadn’t known that there were inedibles in her kids’ breakfast, neither would we.

In today’s episode of “Things that Shouldn’t be in Food that are Found in Food”, it’s wire (or at least something that looks and feels like one) in bread.

Wire in Bakery Bread

A mother, Sarah, happened to be at Tampines on Friday last week (10 May) for a paediatrician appointment and bought a packet of bread from DJ Bakery (Tampines Street 81).

Credits: Stomp

The next morning, she fed it to her two children who are two and five years old respectively.

Of course, that’s when…

“I discovered this black thing in the bread,” she said.

Credits: Stomp

In Disguise

We see what we want to. It’s probably a sign of a healthy, non-paranoid brain that she assumed nothing of the wire initially.

“A first I thought it was blueberry filling but when I took a closer look, I realised it was a stiff black thread or wire.”

Credits: Stomp

Did You Know Eating Wires is Bad?

She does. “I can’t imagine if my kids accidentally ate it.”

Ah Hock loved Michelle and asked her, ‘Ai stead mai?’ in the 90s. Today, he tried again but would it work? Prepare some tissue paper and watch their love story here:

“It’s a choking hazard and so unhygienic.”

Rather than a choking hazard, a small, sharp object runs the risk of tearing the oesophagus. If it’s likely to pass through the stomach, it also has the potential of perforating the small intestine. This exposes the abdomen to the bacteria from the intestines, which may cause serious infections.

Now isn’t that a fun fact!

So it’s a very good thing that the hazard was spotted in time, because of the mother’s habit of feeding her kids, unlike her husband who would usually “just let them eat by themselves.”

DJ Bakery’s Response

Besides feeding Stomp, Sarah also alerted DJ bakery about the issue and was offered a refund when she returned to the outlet.

Living in Sengkang, she turned down the offer, saying “It’s not about the money, the bread cost $1.60,” and that she just wanted to alert them so they’re aware.

Moral of the story: if you find it weird, investigate.