SCDF Officers Conducted Risky Operation to Save Woman Hanging on to 14th-Floor Ledge Outside HDB Flat

Image: Reddit


If you’ve watched The Rock’s Skyscraper back in 2018, you might think that hanging on a ledge is chicken feet. The Rock spends 99% of his time in the movie hanging himself on any ledge he could come across, which explains why his arms are twice the size of your thighs—whoever you are.

But that’s movie. In reality, hanging on to a ledge takes lots of strength and energy. Especially if you’re 14 storeys above ground.

Just ask this woman.

SCDF Officers Conducted Risky Operation to Save Woman Hanging on to 14th-Floor Ledge Outside HDB Flat

A shocking video emerged from Reddit yesterday.

In the video, a person in yellow T-shirt was holding on to the air-conditioning ledge of an HDB block at King George’s Ave.

While the video caption described the person as a “man”, it’s later revealed to be a woman.

On the ledge, there appears to be one or two more people, though from the angle of the footage, we couldn’t tell.

Due to the limited space at the ledge (pretty sure people who design HDB flats didn’t expect people to be lingering there), a SCDF officer has to squeeze his body out from the window and slowly moved his way to the side of the air-con compressor, leaving him with just a small space to step on.


The heroes in blue then removed the compressor so that there would be more space to grab on to the woman.

Once there’s enough space, the officer on the ledge pull the woman up swiftly, as he and the other person on the ledge supported the woman safely.

When she looked to be safe, cheers could be heard from the crowd.

You can watch the entire video here:

SCDF saves man holding on to his life earlier today from r/singapore

I know what you’re going to ask next after viewing the video: What phone is that? It can zoom in to such ext—

Oh, not that question? Then it should be this: what happened?

Police’s Response

Unfortunately, as of now, we have no answers to both questions.

The phone is probably a Huawei but that’s just a speculation.

As for the woman, the police said that she’s a 62-year-old woman, and she has since been arrested under the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) Act.

The Mental Health (Care and Treatment) Act is like a law that ensures that a person needs to be detained in a psychiatric institution for the treatment of a mental disorder, or in the interest of the health and safety of the person or the persons around him.

In other words, the woman might have been required to be warded but was somehow out.

That, of course, is also a speculation.

Well, the third speculation is that this entire surreal incident is a marketing campaign for Huawei. You never know.

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