Woman in China Found Spy Camera in Uniqlo Dressing Room

And you would have thought, a dressing room is a private place.

Not according to this unfortunate lady, who discovered a small pinhole camera hidden behind a suspicious black button-like object in a dressing room in Uniqlo.

But don’t worry; this didn’t happen in Singapore so there’s no need for you to search for anything when you’re in a changing room (though it’s a good habit to be vigilant).

Eye Spy Button

According to AsiaOne, a lady who was frequenting a Uniqlo store in Shenzhen, China, got the shock of her life when she was changing in one of its dressing rooms.

On 15 June 2019, the woman, surnamed Zhong, grabbed around five sets of clothing and proceeded to the store’s dressing room to try them on.

After changing out of two sets of clothing, the woman discovered a highly suspicious-looking object.

She had noticed a black button-like object resting on top of the full-length mirror within her changing room.

Image: Screengrab from YouTube/AsiaOne

Finding it strange and out-of-place, the woman proceeded to touch the object and realized it was uncannily warm.

On top of that, she had realized it was stuck onto the wall with chewing gum.

At this point in time, sensing something amiss, the woman decided to give the object a yank which decidedly came off the wall – revealing a pinhole camera attached to a wire.

The woman subsequently alerted Uniqlo staff members to her find and the store supervisor proceeded to pull the recording device from behind the mirror.

According to the report, the device was found to have contained a memory card.

Well, thank God it wasn’t streaming to some thirsty guy nearby.

Never Ever Before

In short video clip of the incident, Zhong recounted the incident to a local news outlet.

In it, the outlet supervisor shared they’d not encountered such a case since operations started four years ago.

She added the device did not belong to any of her staff and suspected that it could have been planted by someone else.

She proceeded to explain that a routine check of every dressing room is conducted by staff members and the store supervisor every morning.

She added that with every change in customer using the dressing room, a worker is obliged to enter the room for an inspection.

Eh, got meh?

The supervisor then admitted to not knowing why, despite the vigorous checks, the pinhole camera went undetected and said Uniqlo is now assisting the police on the matter.

You can view the full video here.


Outraged And No Proper Reply

Despite an inspection of the outlet’s other nine dressing room which yielded no additional find, Zhong wonders if her footage might have been leaked and how many others have been filmed prior to her discovery.

According to the report, Zhong added that Uniqlo has yet to have given her a proper reply on the matter.

Police investigations are ongoing into the matter.

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