Woman Inject Fruit Juice Into Body Because She Wants To Be Healthy But She Almost Died Instead


Last Updated on 2020-11-13 , 5:53 pm

We know that delivering liquids via injections or intravenous therapy (also known as IV) is a quick and efficient way for any intended goo to reach its final destination.

I mean, one wholesome example is Botox.


Coupled with modern day ingenuity and the rise of all things self-help, it surprises me that no one has yet tried out Vitamins and Essential Minerals with the IV/Injection method yet.

Or at least not until I read this report.

A Deadly mix of 20 different fruits

While this news sounds like it’s straight from The Twilight Zone, I can guarantee you that it’s not.

Rather, the actress and setting in this macabre episode hail from China.

What Happened

According to World of Buzz, “a 51-year-old woman in China ended up fighting for her life in hospital after injecting herself with fruit juice in an effort to be healthy”.

She had allegedly faked symptoms of a cold to dupe a doctor into prescribing her with an infusion with IV setup.

The woman surnamed Zeng then “reportedly blended 20 different fruits and poured the mixture into an intravenous (IV) bag before injecting it in her bloodstream via an IV line.”


She subsequently began to feel itchy all over and was rushed to the nearest hospital by her husband.

Her condition was so bad that “she had to be transferred to another hospital” and ended up in the intensive care unit (ICU).

Now, whoever said “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” was clearly wrong or didn’t know Zeng.

The Damage

While the “damage” incurred on the wallet when shopping for fruits is negligible compared with atas seafood and Nintendo Switch, in this woman’s case, the damage was bad. Real bad.

The deadly cocktail had apparently damaged her Liver, Kidney, Heart and Lungs, and sent her straight into sepsis which she almost died from.

If you aren’t familiar with the term “sepsis”, it is as per Wikipedia, defined as “a life-threatening condition that arises when the body’s response to infection causes injury to its own tissues and organs.”

If you can’t draw the link, let me put it in plain and simple terms for you.

The 20-fruit cocktail was regarded as an infection, by Zeng’s body itself.

In Hollywood terms, she could have become a fruit zombie, a zombified fruit or a fruitified zombie.

But thankfully, this was real-life (I still can’t believe it though), and the woman was warded for five days before being given the all-clear and discharged.


Zeng’s Thoughts versus Mine

Speaking to reporters and according to World of Buzz, Zeng expressed she had no clue that injecting fruit juice would lead to such harmful consequences.

She added: “I thought fresh fruit juice is nutritious, and therefore, there’s no harm injecting it on the body.”

No shit, you smart ass.

I just have a few questions though.

What exactly were the 20 fruits used?

Would it have been okay if it was only with Western-accepting fruits like apples, oranges, grapes and kiwis?

Or did she use wholly exotic and murderous fruits like durian for which China has developed a taste for much to South-East Asia dismay?


Who knows?

As for now, I suppose Zeng will be laying off fruits for the moment.

Boost Juice anyone?

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