Woman Who Died in in Jurong Accident Was On Her Way to Give a Surprise to Her Son

On 11 Jan, after receiving her son’s O-level results, balloon artist Or Cheng Khim was overjoyed.

Her son had been worried about failing the important examinations, but managed to do well in them and even qualified for his desired course.

To celebrate his good results, Ms Or wanted to surprise her son with sushi the next day, as it was one of the teen’s favourite food.

Sadly, she never made it home.

Died After Being Hit By Lorry

On her way home, the 52-year-old was hit by a lorry at the junction of Yuan Ching Road and Yuan Kuang Road.

It was just a short distance from her block.

She was rushed to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital while in an unconscious state and remained in coma. She was pronounced brain-dead on 14 Jan.

The family reluctantly pulled the plug the next day.

As the woman’s organs were still healthy, her family decided to donate her cornea, liver, and kidneys.

“This is something that we knew my mother would have wanted. She was a generous person who liked to help others,” her son, Soon Ching, said.

Was Going to Discuss Future Plans with Mother 

Speaking to The New PaperSoon Ching said when he realised his mother was late that day, he called her phone and a doctor answered, telling him she was in the hospital.

“I was very shocked and scared,” the 17-year-old said.

Song Ching said he wanted to discuss his future plans with his mother on the night of the accident.

He said his mother was happy with his results, and that she had always given him the freedom to choose his field of study.

Once Invited to Sculpt Balloons at PM Lee’s Home

Before her tragic death, Ms Or worked as a freelance balloon sculptor, providing services to schools and private celebrations.

Even though she only learned the art by chance, she gradually became a prominent balloon artist.

Once, she was even invited to sculpt balloons at Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s home.

Or Would Have Wanted Family to Forgive Driver

After the accident, a 69-year-old male lorry driver had been arrested for careless driving causing death.

Though it was difficult for Or’s parents to accept their daughter’s premature death, they have since forgiven the driver.

Her younger sister, Samantha, said this is what Or would have wanted, as she was a forgiving person.

Or leaves behind her son and three siblings.

For her wake, some of her friends who sculpted balloons built a butterfly-themed sculpture comprising 3,000 balloons.

Featured Image: Singapore Uncensored