Woman Kidnaps 2YO Niece & Sells Her In Exchange For iPhone 11; Feigns Ignorance Afterwards


As a child, my mum would repeatedly warn me to stay away from my Aunt Matilda, because apparently my Aunt Matilda’s the worst thing ever next to Hell and the body odour of someone who has not showered for 365 days.

“Stay away from her, you hear me?” she will look at me with a strained expression. “Your Aunt Matilda’s dangerous. Dangerous. She makes Joker look like an angel, Lucifer look like a cute hamster with broken wings. Promise me you will stay away from her.”

In response, I’ll nod along in an attempt to allay her fears.

Surely she can’t be that bad, my five-year-old self thought.

And then I finally met my legendary Aunt Matilda and all thoughts of positivity and child-induced jolliness swiftly went down the drain.

“She’s dangerous,” I thought wildly as I scrambled away from her reach. “I’ll face a worse fate than death if I stay with her. No!”

“Oh come here, Zhi Hao,” she cooed. “I’ve got something great for you.”

“No, go away you witch! You’re the reason why Africa’s full of starving children!”

“Oh c’mon, don’t you wanna take a look inside my candy truck?”

I paused.

“Do you have Hershey’s newest Peanut Caramel Dark Chocolate Roasted Nut with Coconut Ice Cream bar?”

She smiled.


I looked at her. And then I thought of what my mum said.

“Stay away from her.”

“Well alright, surely you’re not that bad, right?” I chirped. “Let’s go!”


Suffice it to say; I was never quite the same after that ride.

Woman Kidnaps 2YO Niece & Sells Her In Exchange For iPhone 11; Feigns Ignorance Afterwards

The introductory paragraph might’ve been one full of exaggerated ‘fluff’, but the gist is true:

Aunts can get pretty terrifying.

And to support my self-willed hypothesis, I present to you this woman who kidnapped her own 2-year-old niece…

And sold her for an iPhone 11.

Image: Tenor

Aunt Matilda? You have a close contender for the worst aunt of the century right here.

Entrusted By Her Relatives

According to Vietnamese news site Dantri, the aunt in question, a middle-aged woman identified as Hanh, had been entrusted by her relatives to babysit her two-year-old niece, Ng, on an occasional basis.

Hanh. Image: Petro Times

On 31 October, Hanh took Ng for an outing, and it was during this time that she was video called on Messenger by a new friend on social media…


They started chatting, and before long the attention turned to her 2-year-old niece. It’s understood that during this time, Vinh reportedly kept saying that Ng was very cute.

A Lie That’s Worth An iPhone 11

According to reports, Hanh then lied to Vinh, stating that the toddler’s father had forsaken her, while the mother was a serial gambling and drug addict who planned to send the toddler to the temple to be taken care of.


It was at this point that Vinh offered to adopt Ng.

Had this been a real situation, it would’ve been such a touching premise.

But as we know, it’s all a set-up. Vinh promised to give Hanh an iPhone 11 as well as some money, and a deal was eventually struck.

Something’s Amiss

The next morning, Hanh fetched Ng from her grandmother’s house and said that she was taking the toddler out to play.

She then took Ng to see Vinh.


As agreed the day before, Vinh went through with his promise of 1.5 million VND (~S$88) and an iPhone 11. Hanh, naturally, went through with her side of the deal as well.

The middle-aged woman headed back to the grandmother’s house after the deal was concluded.

Unsurprisingly, the grandmother noticed a rather conspicuous absence in the house and asked where Ng was. In response, Hanh lied that she had left the toddler at home, and in an attempt to cover her tracks and allay her relatives’ suspicions, she made a police report under the premise that Ng had gone missing.

Image: Dantri

Subsequently, the police began investigations on the matter, though they reportedly doubted Hanh’s testimony. After questioning Hanh, she confessed that she had sold her niece for an iPhone 11.

Rescue Mission

On 3 November, the police went down to Vinh’s house to ‘salvage’ Ng, while Vinh was brought to the police station for further questioning. Hanh was also arrested for her involvement and was brought in to assist in their investigations.

Meanwhile, Ng was safely brought back to her house. Safe and sound.

Image: Giphy

Beware Of Aunts

And so… the moral of the story?

Beware of your aunt.


Alright just kidding; there are good aunts out there. In fact, good aunts are probably a lot more prevalent than bad aunts, no matter what my case example of Aunt Matilda implies.

And so, give your Aunt a proper evaluation, and if the results are positive you should be good to go. On the other hand, if you get a bad vibe about it all…

I would advise you to run.

And avoid the candy truck, even if she has the newest Hershey’s Peanut Caramel Dark Chocolate Roasted Nut with Coconut Ice Cream choco bar.

It might be sweet for that one moment, but it sure as hell won’t be for the rest of your life.