Woman Leaves Husband Because He Didn’t Provide Eggs Daily; Elopes With Lover Who Does

My best friend and I once went to this upscale breakfast place because it was a Sunday, a day after payday, and we were feeling rather fancy.

I ordered this gorgeous looking omelette and he ordered some delectable waffles. Now, before I go on, I must admit that I’m obsessed with eggs and I don’t like to share my food.

So, when my best friend took his fork, violently stabbed my omelette, and put it into his disgusting mouth, I wasn’t exactly pleased.

What happened next is not important, but I’m currently serving life imprisonment for homicide.

My point is this: eggs are amazing.

One lady in India certainly thinks so, as she was willing to leave her husband over it.

Egg-scuse me? Is this a yoke?

According to the Hindustan Times, one woman ran away from her husband because she was unsatisfied with her husband’s inability to provide eggs for her every day.

The woman first ran away because she wanted to elope with her lover, but she returned four months later.

After she returned, she told the police that she was upset because her husband did not give her eggs to eat.

Wait, you can report that to the police?

Woman: I’d like to make a police report

Police: Oh, sure, what happened?

Woman: I’m severely lacking in eggs

Police: Uh… Mdm I think that’s a problem only the gynecologist can solve.

Woman: Gyne- what? NO, my husband does not give me enough eggs to eat every day!

Police: Oh… I guess we’ll get right on that?

So, to summarize what’s happened so far, this woman left her husband to be with her lover, and then came back to her husband only to complain about his inability to provide her with eggs.

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So, she fought with her husband again, and left his eggless ass again. It is believed that the woman also eloped with her lover again.

The husband explained to the police that he only earns his wages daily and cannot afford to buy eggs every day.

He also claimed that the woman’s lover won her over by doing what he couldn’t; getting eggs for her every day.

“She was fond of eggs and her paramour (lover) regularly brought eggs for her,” the husband said.

So, dear reader, you know now that the way to a woman’s heart starts from a chicken’s butt.

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You’re welcome.