Woman Lost 10 Years of Memory After Pooping Too Forcefully & There’s a Scientific Reason For It


Last Updated on 2020-02-27 , 10:41 pm


We have all been in that position before. You know you have not eaten enough fibres. You have not shat (yes, that is a word) in a few days. Your stomach starts to bloat up.

You get stomach pains, but you still can’t poop.

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It finally comes out when you spend time sitting on the toilet bowl and PUSHHHHHHHH to deliver your poop baby.

And that’s what happened to a lady in Hong Kong, except that it comes with a twist.

What happened in Hong Kong

A lady in Hong Kong wanted to be relieved of her constipation. She had been suffering for two weeks and she had enough of it.

So she set out to task and pushed as hard as she could. The shit came out, she flushed the toilet, washed her hands and got out (ok, I hope she did, considering what happened to her next).

When her family interacted with her after this fateful trip to the toilet, they began to realize that something was amiss.

This lady was living in the past. She had lost 10 years of her memory.

It was as though she had flushed them down the toilet and they never happened.

I don’t know what you think, but I reckon the lady must have thought she’s time travelled.

The next eight hours were a terrifying time for the family. Mysteriously, her memory came back after that. And she did not remember the period of amnesia.

Sound like a drama from Netflix? Or we’re just clickbaiting you with this fake story?

Think again, because it could have really happened.

Doctor’s verdict

Concerned, the family took her to the hospital to get a checkup. Surprisingly, the doctors found out that there was in fact, nothing wrong with her brain.


This unique case was then escalated up to the neurosurgeon who finally shed light on what had happened.

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Apparently, the “excessive force led to an increase in abdominal and intra-cerebral pressure which caused a lack of oxygen flow to her brain, resulting in a short-term memory loss.”

Now that makes sense. I guess, we should not push so hard in the future, who knows how long you will lose your memory?

In other words, simply put, that “shiokness” led to a temporary brain damage.

How to deal with constipation 

Nobody likes to have constipation. And I am quite sure that no one wants to experience what this Hong Kong Lady did. So here are some easy home remedies that may help you poop.

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Drink more water

Dehydration is a known cause for constipation. Drink more water in order to hydrate your body once again. Some of you may be thinking, ah! all the more reason to drink Bubble Tea. No, sweet drinks may actually make matters worse! Remember, drink more plain water. It’s good for your skin too.


No natural remedy like prunes. Prunes are laxatives so they will help you to poop faster.

The fruit is sweet and can be eaten as it is or in juice form. (Eat the fruit itself for faster results!)

May you have a smooth sailing poop from now on!

Source: Giphy.com

Just don’t go so hard. If not you’d time travel as well.