Woman Saved Duck From Being Eaten by a Large Python at Bukit Timah Forest


Trekking in the wild can be a nice respite from the busyness of the city.

But who knows, it can also lead to some interesting experiences like saving a duck from a python.

Yep, that’s right.

Woman Shouts at Duck to Run Away

A video recently surfaced on TikTok, showing a clueless duck waddling just a few centimetres away from a lurking python in a drain at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.

@3344520ma周末陪家人武吉知马山徒步中,从蛇口中,解救了一只白白胖胖的🦆♬ 原聲 – 新加坡马姐

Off-camera, a woman could be heard repeatedly shouting in Mandarin at the slow-moving duck, instructing it to get lost as it was stalked by the massive python.

“Duck, quickly run away. The snake is going to eat you,” she yelled.

A child’s voice was also heard off-camera saying the same.

However, the warning was to no avail as the duck remained rooted at the same spot.

Just when the snake was within chomping distance of the duck, the duck finally caught sense of the danger and waddled away slowly.

Throws Stick at Python

At about the half-minute mark, a stick could be seen being thrown in the direction of the snake and duck.

The stick landed in the drain water with a plop.

30 seconds later, a woman in pink was seen on camera hurling a stick at the snake.

The woman off-camera was then heard saying, “That’s right. Just hit the snake will do.”

Subsequently, the snake was seen slithering away from the duck and towards the camera before disappearing.

“The duck is saved,” said the woman as the spectacle came to an end.


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Commenters Disapprove

Since the video was uploaded four days ago, it has been viewed more than 2 million times and garnered over 3,300 comments.

You might think that people would have been supportive of the women’s actions.

However, majority of users called out the women for intervening unnecessarily in nature.

Their actions might have saved the duck but cost the python a sumptuous duck meal.

They had also prioritised the duck over the python, something that commenters disagreed on as many believed that nature should run its course.


Many of the comments in Chinese questioned the women, asking why they let the snake go hungry when it also needed to eat in the wild.

One comment, posted in Chinese and in jest, said, “If you all can eat everything, why can’t the snake eat the duck?”

So whether #teamduck or #teampython, perhaps it is best to let the animals fend for themselves in the wild.

After all, as we routinely cross paths with animals in Singapore, it might not be long before you stumble across a similar situation.

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Featured Image: TikTok (3344520ma)