Woman Who Stole Samsung Note 9 Left In Toilet Gets Jailed

So, I’m an iPhone user. Oh no, wait, I can feel some of you judging me already.

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Look I’m sure Samsung phones are great, in all honesty. I’ve just never had the chance to use one.

In fact, 36-year-old Fauziah Abdul Rahim probably thought so too when she found a Samsung Note 9 in the toilet.

She definitely took note that no one was around when she found it

And then proceeded to steal the thing, goodness.

But on the side note, at least she got her jail time on top of it.

Note-ticing The Phone

On 12 October last year, 38-year-old Loke Lai Har, a senior purchaser for Janco Singapore, entered the first-floor toilet of Tampines Mall at 9.48pm.

She entered the third cubicle and placed her phone on the tissue dispenser.

Hey look, the thing the signs in washrooms always tell us to never do.

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Guess she might have missed it since she left afterwards without taking her device.

Unfortunately, Fauziah, a serving crew member at the nearby Captain Kim Restaurant, was in the washroom around the same time as her.

When she noticed that the phone was still left in the cubicle, she took it and kept it in the front pocket of her apron before returning to work.


When Ms Loke went back, she had the absolute normal response of panicking once she couldn’t find her phone.

I’d panic if I lost a $1,800 phone too really. That’s someone’s monthly pay!

With the help of building security, she found that Fauziah was the only person in the toilet with her at the time and went to the restaurant’s manager.

But when confronted, Fauziah denied the allegations, State Prosecuting Officer M Mariyappan said.

Err, I don’t know how anyone can deny a crime when there were literally only two people there? C- for effort. 

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She even had the cheek to go home with the phone and deny AGAIN when questioned the following day.

Confession And Sentence

Don’t worry, this tale has a happy ending.

After staying silent for about 10 days, Fauziah finally confessed to her crimes and surrendered herself to the police on 22 October.

I would say at least she turned herself in from guilt, but the point is that you shouldn’t even be stealing stuff anyway.

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She returned the stolen phone but had already disposed of Ms Loke’s SIM card by then.


Fauziah pleaded guilty to one charge of dishonestly misappropriating the phone and admitted that she had no intention of returning it to its owner.

For her charges, she could have been jailed for up to two years, fined or both.

Stealing is never the solution guys. Spend your money properly and save, and you won’t have to do dumb things like this and feel guilty.

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