Woman’s $3.1k Breast Reduction Surgery Made Her Nipples Rot & Fall Off


If you read the title and went “wah shag“, we share the exact sentiments.

Yep, never in your wildest dreams would you ever think that plastic surgery of any sort could go so wrong.

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I mean, what kind of sorcery is having your nipples rot and falling off after a seemingly harmless procedure?!

This is why we need to remember that plastic surgery is still a form of surgery and there are certain risks.

Imagine waking up after a nose job realising your nose is even more crooked than before.


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Back to the topic at hand: 

The Start Of Nightmare #1

A 29-year-old online trader and beauty agent from the land of smiles, Thailand, wanted to reduce her cup size from 380cc to 275cc. Only to find herself no longer in smiles after the procedure.

The original price of the procedure was around S$3.5k. However, after negotiation, she went ahead with the surgery, which ended up costing around S$3.1k.

The procedure went a lot faster than expected, and while the woman had her doubts, she decided not to think too much as she had faith in the clinic.

Wrong move. This is why our mothers always tell us to never trust strangers.

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After a few days, she found a black wound on her nipple. *gasp*

She suspected it was rotting. *double gasp*

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The clinic, however, assured her that it was normal. Yet the wound continued to harden and caused the woman much pain.

She returned to the clinic, and upon assessment of her wound, she was told that another surgery was required immediately. A towel was used to cover her eyes throughout the procedure.

During the second surgery, despite being drugged, she could feel the doctor doing actions that were tugging the wound.


After what must have felt like a gazillion years to her, she was allowed to see what has happened. We swear it must have felt like waking up to a nightmare, maybe just as bad as having Chucky right in front of you.

The woman allegedly lost her right nipple. And her left nipple was protruded slightly.

Oh… F*ck.

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The Start Of Nightmare #2

The woman was horrified by this terrible violation, but thankfully, she was still able to think clearly.

She spoke to the doctor’s assistant, and requested for S$22.5k as compensation.


Not only did the clinic allegedly refuse to give any form of compensation, but they also did not even apologise. They even turned things around and blamed the woman for complaining too much.

To top the charts, they even dared her to make a report to the authorities.

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Unfortunately, this was not all. The woman had to seek medical help from another hospital to undo the mistake made by the clinic. This resulted in additional costs of S$13.5k.

We understand that she has made a report with the authorities in Bangkok, and we hope something would be done soon to bring a smile back on her face.

Most people go for plastic surgery looking forward to having the looks they desire. To wake up looking worst than before must be horrific.

Breast Reduction in Singapore

If you’re looking to reduce the size of your breasts, don’t take the risk even if there’s a good deal. Do proper research, go for consultations to make sure the doctor sounds legit, and most importantly, seek a second opinion immediately when things start going south.


In Singapore, you can get a breast reduction from S$12.9k. Some clinics also charge up to S$15k.

Well, we’d rather be paying for the skills to keep our boobies intact, than have to deal with nightmare boobies!