10 Facts About Wonder Woman 1984 Which is Now in Cinemas Now

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Are you a Wonder Woman fan?

Have you been waiting for years to watch the latest instalment of Wonder Woman, which talks about the beginnings of the sexy superhero?

Well, in case you missed it, Wonder Woman 1984 is screening in Singapore cinemas from today onwards.

Here are 10 facts about Wonder Woman 1984 you need to know before you watch the movie.


As they say, always start at the beginning, and what better way to introduce a movie than to tell you what it’s all about?

Starring Gal Gadot as Diana Prince / Wonder Woman, the movie is set during the Cold War where Wonder Woman battles against media businessman Maxwell Lord and friend-turned enemy, Barbara Ann Minerva (Cheetah).

Maxwell Lord had gotten his hands on a stone that allows him to grant people’s wishes. However, the wish is only granted if something cherished is taken. Diana, who wished for the return of her lover, Steve Trevor, started losing her powers.

Meanwhile, Barbara wishes to be like Diana and manages to develop superhuman strength and speed.

Not wanting these to be taken away, Barbara team up with Lord to fight against Wonder Woman.

Here, you can take a look at the Wonder Woman 1984 main trailer below:

The Cast

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot plays Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) in the movie. The Israeli actress, model and producer is one of the world’s highest-paid actresses and is named as one of the top 100 influential people in the world by Time.

Kristen Wiig

Kristen Wiig is an American actress, comedian, writer and producer. No one would expect Wiig to be able to take up the role but the team gave her a shot because they believe she could bring the “humour and warmth” that Barbara needs to the screen.

When they tested her to see if she can bring out the other side of Barbara, which is tough and aggressive, they said that “she could get nasty”.


Chris Pine

Christopher Whitelaw Pine is an American actor who made his debut in Princess Diaries 2, appeared as James T. Kirk in the Star Trek reboot film series and gave voice to a version of Spiderman in the animated series.

The First Movie To Be Released In Both Cinemas & Streaming Platforms

In case you missed it, Warner Bros made an announcement that angered cinemas, especially those in America, earlier this month

For their new movies, they are going to release them on the big screen, as well as streaming platform HBO Max, on the same day.

Usually, movies will be released first in theatres for at least 75 days before it gets released to TV networks.

The film giant says that the movies will be on its video-streaming platform for a month before being taken off, while the movies will continue their release at the cinemas.


Wonder Woman 1984 is going to be Warner Bros first experiment on the concept and it’ll be released simultaneously in cinemas and the HBO Max video streaming platform on Christmas Day, 25 Dec.

People In S’pore Get To Watch It A Week Earlier

Now, if your country has HBO Max, you’ll be psyched to know you can catch it on 25 Dec. But what about those without?

In countries without HBO Max (including Singapore), the movie will screen in the cinemas on 17 Dec 2020.

That’s a week earlier than our US counterparts, which is a rare thing indeed.

As for when HBO Max will make its ways to our shores, that’s still up in the air.


Hoping To Bring Joy

Turns out, Wonder Woman 1984 was supposed to be released in June 2020.

However, because of the Covid-19 situation, they push the release of the movie several times until it was the last big-budget action film of the year.

While Hollywood has pushed many summer blockbusters to 2021, the Wonder Woman team decided to release it this year anyway.

It wasn’t an “easy decision” but the team hope that this movie will help to bring a bit of “joy and reprieve” to viewers during this tumultuous time.

Directed By Patty Jenkins

For those who are unfamiliar with this renowned director, Patty Jenkins was the first woman to direct a major American superhero movie.


To top it off, that movie turned out so well it garnered $800 million at the worldwide box office.

Yes, you got it right, we’re talking about the first Wonder Woman movie.

In 2017, when the movie premiered, Wonder Woman became the world’s highest-grossing movie directed by a woman.


If you’re guessing that Wonder Woman 1984 was named this way because it takes place in 1984…you’re absolutely right.

The first Wonder Woman movie took place during World War I and it’s no wonder that Wonder Woman didn’t age at all throughout the years.


At the end of the first film, Wonder Woman found out that she’s the daughter of Zeus, making her an immortal.

So while she aged from a little girl to a young woman, she stopped ageing since after the 1910s.

But there’s a special reason why 1984 was chosen as the era for the second Wonder Woman movie.

Some speculated that it might have to do with author George Orwell’s futuristic dystopia, 1984.

Producer Charles Roven says 1984 was the “peak of America’s power and pride” while assistant producer Anna Obropta calls it the “decade of greed and desire”.


After reading about the plot of the movie, you’ll probably understand why, don’t you?

It’s Not A Sequel; It’s A Standalone Adventure

While 1984 is technically a sequel to the first Wonder Woman movie, the people behind the film doesn’t like it being called that.

They prefer that Wonder Woman: 1984 is a “standalone adventure” instead of being linked to other characters in the same universe.

That was also another consideration why they decided to set the second movie in 1984.

That was before the Man Of Steel events where everything in the DC cinematic universe evolves from.


By setting it before that, they can focus on Wonder Woman just like how they did for the first movie.

Jenkins, herself, mentioned that she doesn’t want to do “chapter 2 of a 7-chapter story”.

She wants every movie she makes to be a great standalone movie.

The Real Enemy Is…

According to Collider, it seems like the real enemy in the movie isn’t a person but something intangible.

Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman star) says that in this movie, Wonder Woman’s adversaries aren’t exactly “villains”.


One is a businessman trying to sell the American dream while the other is an archaeologist who simply wants to get out of the limelight.

At the end of the day, the real enemy seems to be “capitalism”.

Wonder Woman looks at the price people have to pay to achieve their dreams and decided she didn’t really like it much.

Inspired By Trump

There’s a reason why this article by Collider starts off with a Trump comparison.

It was said that in costume designer Lindy Hemming’s workspace, photos of Donald Trump and bankruptcy filings could be found.


When asked why they were there, she said:

“Well, that’s helpful to look at, isn’t it? There is something about the period of Donald Trump and being a businessman, of being rather sleazy a little bit, and a bit goofy and a lot of talk. So that’s why he’s there.”

Wonder Woman: 1984 is screening in Singapore cinemas now.

You can check out the available movie timings across different cinemas in Singapore here.

Featured Image: YouTube (Warner Bros. Pictures)

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