Woodlands MRT Station ‘Closure’ Due to Wuhan Virus is Fake News; FB Issued with POFMA Correction Notice


It’s moment like this that you think the POFMA laws (fake news laws) are extremely useful.

Today, two Facebook users, who seemed to have copied and pasted a content, claimed that Woodlands MRT Station was closed for disinfection because there was a suspect case of the Wuhan coronavirus.

And in a typical Facebook-user-style, they urged people not to go to the station.

I’ve got to admit; if I see those posts, I might just avoid Woodlands MRT Station altogether, though I’ll make sure to check if LTA or SMRT has posted anything online.

But alas; it’s fake news.

Woodlands MRT Station ‘Closure’ Due to Wuhan Virus is Fake News; FB Issued with POFMA Correction Direction

The Government clarified that it was not true. Woodlands MRT was not closed today (28 Jan 2020); it was fully operational.

With the Wuhan virus outbreak, it’s indeed essential that we get all our information from trusted sources. And when I say trusted, I don’t mean your uncles or aunties, but sources like MOH or in this case, LTA.

Since it’s all related to the Wuhan virus, you might want to bookmark MOH’s website here and cross-check anything you’ve read online.

Facebook Required to Carry Correction Notice

Lest you’re not aware, POFMA doesn’t require the fake news to be deleted; instead, a correction needs to be done on the content, with an indication that it’s fake (a falsehood).

And with this, the POFMA office said, “Facebook is required to carry a Correction Notice on the two Facebook posts which contained the falsehood.”

My Facebook newsfeed is filled with cat images so I can’t find the falsehoods, but Mothership have screenshots of these unfounded rumours here:

Image: mothership.sg
Image: mothership.sg

LTA has also posted about this issue:

To ensure you get the latest verified news, you might want to register to the Government’s WhatsApp service so that you’d always be in the loop.

Yesterday, Hardwarezone Forum was also issued a Correction Order after a person anyhowly said that someone in Singapore has died from the Wuhan virus.


Not too long ago, PM Lee also wrote about the Wuhan virus situation, and reminded us to get the latest information from trusted sources.

In the meantime, remember: don’t believe everything you’ve read online until it’s verified.

Because thanks to POFMA, I’m now headed to Woodlands MRT Station.