8 in 10 People Want to Continue Working from Home After CB Period Though Productivity Has Dropped


I’m definitely the 2 out of the 10, because to me, work is life and there’s no way I am willing to compromise even 1% of my productivity.

In fact, I’d live in the office if that is possible just so that I can squeeze more hours for work.

Moving on…

The first two paragraphs are completely fake because like the majority of Singaporeans, working at home is a blessing. The only reason why I’ve those paragraphs up is that my boss only reads the first two paragraphs of our articles.

So please, share this article at your own risk.

In a survey done by human resources technology start-up EngageRocket, the Institute for Human Resources Professionals and the Singapore Human Resources Institute, it’s revealed that while we’re always complaining about the Circuit Breaker, employees like us actually secretly love it.

8 out of 10 of us wish to continue working from home at least half the time or even more after the Circuit Breaker period, and it’s not hard to see why.


I mean, what time did you wake up today?

8 in 10 People Want to Continue Working from Home After CB Period Though Productivity Has Dropped

According to the study that involved 2,700 responses, 1 in 10 of the employees, for some reason, didn’t want to continue working at home after Circuit Breaker period is over.

Now, do note that we’re talking about just employees, and not employers. No sane employers would love working at home when they’ve rented or bought an office for the employees.

Boss: Yeah, I’m like paying rent for nothing now. Thinking of putting cats in the office as a shelter for them during this period.

Yeah, so—wait, Boss, you’re reading this?

Boss: Of course. Go on.

Oh, right.

So, according to the survey and completely not due to my own personal opinion, the younger employees (i.e. people between 21 to 30) are less likely to have their productivity affected when they work from home.

40% of them were impacted by lower productivity.

Older workers, on the other hand,  were impacted more: 49% of workers between the age of 40 to 53 felt that they’ve become less productive.

Reasons for Lower Productivity

Other than being seduced by the bed every five minutes, what caused the lower productivity? These are the top reasons:

  • Working more hours than usual due to many reasons (22%)
  • Being disturbed and distracted by family members or other stuff (22%)
  • Lack of tools and resources that are readily available in the office (21%)

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While working from home seems fun now, 26% of them felt more stress in recent days, and these are the top reasons:

  • Health and economic impact of COVID-19 in Singapore (67%)
  • Productivity and how it would impact their work performance (64%)
  • Fear of family member contracting COVID-19 (57%)

Nevertheless, despite the survey, I personally feel that we should all work 25 hours a day from home, and if we’re short of tools like a printer, we should just go buy one and when the Circuit Breaker is over, donate it to the company.

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