Would Plain Water Go Bad After a Long Period?


Last Updated on 2023-03-30 , 9:10 am

Alright, previously we did an article on whether you should re-boil water, but how about if you leave water as it is?

Does water really go bad?

Well, if you’ve left water too long in the bottle, or a glass of water by your bedside that you’ve prepared twelve hours ago, there’s a strange taste in the water.

If you’ve experienced that, chances are you, like us, think that water goes bad. But, get this, water doesn’t go bad, at least not by itself.

Apparently, if you’ve stored water properly without introducing bacteria into the water, water can technically last forever.

When water is left in the open, the carbon dioxide in the air interact with the water and leave the water a little bit flat, hence altering the pH value of your drink.


Also, water has the ability to leech plastic chemical from the bottle, which leaves your bottled water tasting a little bit weird. But both water is still considered safe for consumption.

Watch the video below where BrainStuff explains why exactly water doesn’t go bad and why there’s an expiration date on all your bottles even though water doesn’t ‘expire’.

Now, before we end off, here’s some guidelines for you. Leave bottled water out of the sunlight, as heat can increase the amount of plastic leached into the water, and if you’ve drank from the bottle, throw it away if it’s not finished after a few days because bacteria and microorganisms introduced by your mouth will multiply rapidly in the water, which you’ll be ingesting if you decide to drink from it.

So, to properly recap, water doesn’t go bad, if it’s kept in isolated and proper environment. What will go bad is the thing used to contain the water, and let’s face it: we don’t live in space, so we definitely need something to contain it, no?

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