First Group Of Wuhan Evacuees Released From 14-Day Quarantine

Do you remember the group of Singaporeans evacuated from Wuhan back in Jan 2020?

The 92 evacuees were quarantined the moment they touched down in Singapore on 30 Jan 2020.

87 Out Of 92 Evacuees Released From Quarantine

Well, they’ve been released from the government quarantine facility yesterday.

Out of the 92 Singaporeans evacuated from Wuhan, 5 of them were infected with the Wuhan coronavirus.

However, two of them have fully recovered and are discharged from the hospital.

Release Process Went Smoothly

One of the evacuees, business development David Cher, told reporters that the entire process went smoothly.

He added that they were given documents to sign and a piece of blue paper with their name on it.

Then, they simply have to show the guards at the facility’s entrance and they were allowed to make their own way home.

They’re Deemed Safe To Be In Close Contact With Others

The remaining 87 evacuees showed no signs of being unwell during the quarantine period. They had to have their temperatures taken three times daily while serving the 14-day quarantine.

As the incubation period for the coronavirus is estimated to be 14 days, should they not exhibit any symptoms during the period, they are deemed as non-infected and is allowed out into the public.

Which is why MOH says no “further measures” are required for them.

Several government officials and healthcare professionals have asked Singaporeans to show empathy and kindness towards people who are infected or placed under quarantine.

Second Group of Evacuees Still Serving Quarantine

Meanwhile, there’s another group of evacuees from Wuhan still serving their 14-day quarantine.

Mr Cher’s wife and kid are in the second group.

They were evacuated from Wuhan on 9 Feb and are expected to be released at the end of the month.

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Wash Your Hands Frequently, Wear Mask If Sick

Meanwhile, here’s a couple of reminders for you:

  • If you’re sick, wear a mask and see a doctor immediately.
  • The best prevention is to wash your hands frequently and avoid touching your face as much as possible.
  • Be kind to nurses, people who have to take LOA or people under quarantine orders.
  • Scammers are allegedly targetting Singaporeans on Carousell with “N95 masks”
  • Keep yourself updated with MOH’s website for Covid-19.


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