8 People Who Had Close Contact with S’pore First Wuhan Patient Were in JB; All Cleared of Virus Now

You’d have known that the battle against the Wuhan virus has started.

And now, this latest news will show the virus that we humankind might have fought against each other for resources, beliefs and whatnot, but when it comes to a common enemy, we’ll always fight hand-in-hand.

And Singapore and Malaysia just show how well we work together to tackle that nasty bug.

8 People Who Had Close Contact with S’pore First Wuhan Virus Patient Were in M’sia

Yesterday, it was revealed that the first confirmed case of the Wuhan virus had come to Singapore with nine other travelling companions, one of which is his son.

They had taken a China Southern Airlines airplane and landed in Singapore on Monday (20 January 2020) at around 10:40 p.m.

The patient was only warded and isolated two days later. His son was also a suspect case and was officially confirmed to carry the virus today (24 January 2020).

MOH has carried out contact tracing for people who have close contact with the man.

And eight of them were found to be in JB.

Now, there’s no indication anywhere that these eight people, which comprise four adults and four kids, are the travelling companions of the first patient or simply people who’ve been in close contact with the patient.

However, given that these eight are all Chinese Nationals, have close contact with the patient and the number matches, they most probably are, though Goody Feed cannot confirm that information.

Before Singapore could complete all “epidemiological investigations”, the eight people were already in JB, which means they could have left for Malaysia soon after they landed in Singapore.

And so, Singapore authorities immediately told the Malaysia authorities about this.

Malaysia Acted Quickly

The Johor State Department of Health (JKN) was able to locate them quickly and immediately isolate them in an unnamed hotel while conducting tests.

The initial results show that they were healthy and had no signs of symptoms of infections.

Malaysia’s director-general of health Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah has this to say: “The Ministry of Health Malaysia acknowledges the close cooperation and sharing of relevant health information provided by the Singapore Ministry of Health. This bilateral collaboration will continue to be strengthened between the two Ministries.”

Hear that, Mr 2019-nCoV?

Johor’s health and human resources committee chairman Aminolhuda Hassa also thanked the Singapore Health Ministry, saying that “information channelled by Singapore enabled us to locate the eight tourists at a hotel here.”

Well, hear that again, Ms Mr 2019-nCoV? We might fight over who has the better nasi lemak (BTW it’s Singapore’s), but if you threaten both of us, we’ll crush you together.

All of Them Cleared of the Virus

Tonight, it’s confirmed that the eight tourists have been tested negative for the virus.

Their quarantine in the unnamed hotel would end. Mr Aminolhuda added, “The tourists are not being quarantined as they are healthy and there is also no need to quarantine the whole hotel or any of its guests and workers.”

However, they would be monitored for a week.


Over in Malaysia, there had been four suspected cases yesterday (23 January 2020) but all of them have been tested negative. So far, there has been no cases over at our neighbour.

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