Irresponsible M’sian Suspected with Wuhan Virus Fled Hospital After Waiting for Too Long

When it comes to dire situations, it’s truly every man for himself.

The first thing a lot of people are gonna want to do: save themselves, even at the expense of others.

Especially as the Wuhan virus is in full swing and the number of confirmed cases (over 14,500) and death toll (over 300) keeps increasing.

Countries are taking it so seriously that extra precautions and even travel restrictions are being implemented for those who have travelled to China recently.

This particular man, however, is not:

Irresponsible M’sian Suspected with Wuhan Virus Fled Hospital After Waiting for Too Long

A 24-year-old Malaysian man who had just come home from China had been experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus.

He had spent two days in Wuhan and two other provinces before he returned to Malaysia.

The symptoms included cough and fever which lasted for longer than a day. He then decided to visit the Sungai Buloh Hospital to get himself treated.

Sounds pretty responsible of him, right?

The hospital then decided to quarantine him at around 1pm after observing that he had symptoms of the novel coronavirus.

This is the part where he made a bad decision.

At around 3.30pm, the medical staff realised that he was missing. A police report was immediately made so that the man could be tracked down for the safety of the public.

It is believed that he had run away while waiting to be assigned a quarantine ward because of the long wait time.

That being said, he did finally return to the hospital after around an hour of searching for him, so we have to at least give that to him.

Netizens weren’t quite as forgiving though, and he drew flak for leaving the hospital at all as he could’ve been infected with the virus and might have risked infecting others as well.

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If anything, at least he came back to the hospital to get treated. However, here’s a gentle reminder for everyone to adhere to the quarantine rules and precautions put into place.

Lastly, do remember to see a medical professional if you are displaying symptoms of the coronavirus.


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