WWF-S’pore Created Fake Online Store to Send a Message About Illegal Elephant Ivory

Image: Ivory Lane Singapore Facebook Page

You know, marketing nowadays is more exciting than what it used to be. Now, it’s all about the shock factor.

I mean, remember this from *SCAPE to promote to promote their Museum of Horror?

They might’ve been forced to take down that scary lady but the objective is met: Museum of Horror wins at the end of the day.

Not convinced? How about MyRepublic’s $50 Vending Machine?

This event caused so much trouble kiasu Singaporeans formed a mob and the police had to turn up.

But at the end of the day, Singaporeans got so curious they went to find out what the entire thing was all about.


And now, another company has joined the lineup of Singapore’s most shocking viral stunts.

WWF: No, Not The Wrestling one

Now, if you’re thinking huh, World Wrestling Federation?!

Image: indianexpress.com

I don’t blame you.

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But after this article, you’re going to know what WWF actually stands for. Like I say, godlike PR stunt.

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Singapore 

The World Wide Fund for Nature is an independent organisation that focuses on building change in people and companies to conserve the environment.

In 2006, WWF set up an office in Singapore and conducted awareness campaigns and outreach activities to teach people about safeguarding the world’s biodiversity.

Enter Ivory Lane, An Online Stall That Sells Accessories Made From Elephant Ivory

Image: straitstimes.com

On 31 July, an online store called Ivory Lane was launched in Singapore. Now, online stores in Singapore are pretty common, so Singaporeans shouldn’t be surprised.

Except, this particular store sells accessories made from real elephant ivory.

Unsurprisingly, conscientious Singaporeans took offence to Ivory Lane and what they’re selling.

Let’s just say that this page might’ve just broken the record for the most number of 1* rating within the shortest amount of time.

We’ve filtered through and placed the less offensive ones here for your viewing pleasure.

With netizens questioning about the legitimacy of this business, especially since Singapore has banned the commercial import and export of ivory since 1990, Ivory Lane just has to respond.

So they did.

It’s okay, we’re perfectly legal in Singapore

While the commercial import and export of elephant ivory have been banned internationally since 1990, they source from “vintage ivory stocks before 1990”.

In other words, the ivory stocks they used are completely legal.

Hello Fire, Meet Oil

And thaattttt…was not a great idea.

Netizens, instead of being placated, blasted the page and owner, Ivy Chng, about her greed and unethical attitude.

I can’t believe people like you exist.

Selling ivory is no-go, who cares if it’s legal or not.

One even tried to CSI the company and failed.

In fact, the entire issue got so big an overseas news outlet reported on it.

Image: Screengrab from Yahoo

Finally, the person behind Ivory Lane stepped forward

And the people behind it is none other than WWF-Singapore.

They said that the brand Ivory Lane, as well as Ivy Chng, is a fictional brand and person created to raise awareness about ivory trade and the legal loophole in Singapore.

Thanking everyone for their emotional outburst and support, they pledge to end the illegal wildlife trade in Singapore.

And with that, one person’s prediction came true.

Netizens Display Mixed Reactions Towards The Awareness Campaign

Some felt that WWF went about doing the awareness campaign the wrong way.

But there are those who felt that the campaign was a huge success.

But the best comment of all belongs to this dude:

By the way, Singapore brought up the idea of banning the sale of ivory in Singapore back in Mar 2017.

However, since that news report on Straits Times, we didn’t hear anything else from them.

WWF Singapore, well played. Well played, indeed.

**All images from Ivory Lane Singapore Facebook Page unless otherwise stated.