New XBox Series X & S Available For Preorder From 22 Sep, 4 Days After PS5 Pre-Order Opens

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As a preface, I would like to say that we respect fans of all gaming platforms here.

A certain reveal event happened recently and gamers like myself screamed in happiness.

Or more specifically, Playstation fans were as the Playstation 5 officially began its preorders on 18 September.

Not to mention, it also releases on 19 November this year.


My wallet-senses are tingling.

But synonymous with game consoles on the other end is also Microsoft and the Xbox.

And they’re not about to let Sony steal their thunder.

Series X

Here comes a new challenger.

According to Mothership, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will open pre-orders beginning 22 September at 6am.

And it’s going to be released on 10 November, more than a week before the PS5!

Image: What Hi-Fi

The larger one, Series X, will be available for pre-order at S$699 while Series S will be priced at S$459.

But why the huge price difference? Microsoft says that it’s in the resolution.

The Xbox Series S will be more compact and is the ‘smallest Xbox’ to date, but has a resolution of up to 1440p.

This version also only supports digital copies of games which means you have to be logged in to purchase and download them.


Series X takes it further and can go up to 4k resolution and has a 4k Ultra HD Blu-ray.

There’s a whole host of different specifications for each type that you can check out on Xbox’s official site here too.

The following are the retail outlets that will carry the console:

  • Microsoft Store
  • Challenger
  • GameMartz
  • Harvey Norman
  • Qisahn

And if you’ve been following the next-gen consoles, some of these specs may look kind of familiar.

Comparison to PS5

Much like the Series X and S, the PS5 also has two versions of the console.

The regular PS5, which is going for around S$729 and the PS5 Digital Edition which is going for S$559.


The former also has a 4k Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive and can support physical copies of the console’s games.

However, the latter is cheaper but will have lower resolution and only supports digital releases like the Xbox Series S.

You can check out our slightly more in-depth PS5 breakdown over here.

Which Console To Get

Honestly…this is up to you.

I’m sure some of you reading this are fans of one console series so that part is settled.


Just keep in mind that each console is likely to have some exclusive games, like Fable for the Xbox Series X…

…or Final Fantasy XVI for the Playstation 5.

Regardless, the year might be looking up a bit for the next generation of video games!


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