Xiaomi’s Next Flagship Phone Will Not Come with a Charger

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While consumers expect technological advances and more features when they purchase the latest smartphone, it seems like phone makers are continually coming up with ways to give them less bang for their buck.

When Apple introduced the much-anticipated iPhone 12,  they announced that power adapters will no longer be included in every box, in a bid to reduce package waste.

Some claimed, however, that it was simply another way to make more cash from accessories.

Other companies started mocking Apple for this move, but soon took these jokes back when they started seeing dollar signs.

Samsung, for example, initially made an ad that poked fun at Apple for not including a charging brick with their latest iPhone.

But they then deleted the ad, and it now seems like the S21 won’t come with a charger in the box.

A similar thing happened with Xiaomi, who mocked Apple for their charger exclusion.

But then, unsurprisingly, it too followed suit.

Xiaomi’s Next Flagship Phone Will Not Come with a Charger

If you’re a die-hard Apple fan who’s decided to switch to Android because of the whole iPhone 12 charger debacle, you should stay away from Xiaomi’s latest flagship phone.

CEO Lei Jun has confirmed that its upcoming Mi 11 phone will not come with a charger either, according to The Verge. 

Announcing the move on Chinese social media site Weibo, Jun explained that when customers have too many chargers it takes a toll on the environment.

“In response to the call of technology and environmental protection, the included charger will be removed from the box, he said”.

The Mi 11 phone is set to be announced tomorrow.

Does it Really Help the Environment?

These phone makers might claim excluding the charger from their packages helps the environment, but does it really?

Sure, ditching the charger means less mining and packaging, which reduces its carbon footprint.


But, as The Verge pointed out, these phone makers are assuming that their users already have functional chargers that are ready to use. 

Because if they don’t, they’ll have to buy them separately, which means more packaging waste and emissions from the additional deliveries.

If this happens, the charger exclusion will help these companies make some extra cash, but may even be worse for the environment.

First it was the headphone jack, and now the charger. So, what else will be taken away from customers in the future in the name of environmentalism?

Featured Image: Jack Skeens / Shutterstock.com

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