Ya Kun Opens First Outlet in Japan & They Have to Teach People How to Eat Kaya Toast


Are you a Singaporean stuck in Tokyo and homesick from the lack of hawker food?

Or just a Japanese who visited Singapore and have already finished up your jar of kaya?

Ah… the taste of Kaya. I want to eat it again ( ´ •̥ ̫ •̥ ` )

Well, now you can. Cause Ya Kun has opened an outlet near an office building in Shinjuku, Tokyo.


Ya Kun Kaya Toast 新宿住友ビル店 〒163-0248

東京都新宿区西新宿2-6-1 新宿住友ビル 地下1階 B-7区画

tel. 03-6258-1358

These two tweets show what the inside looks like:


This actually isn’t the first outlet ever in Japan. Ya Kun had opened one about 10 years ago but closed it later.

But I know most of you reading this probably aren’t in Japan and are just kaypoh. Will Ya Kun maintain standards in Japan? How much is Kopi in Japan?

Kopi Ala Carte ¥320 (S$4.16), Kaya Toast Ala Carte ¥430 (S$5.59), Set ¥860 (S$11.18)

From Ya Kun’s site, you can find the menu showing the following prices.

Kopi starting from ¥320 (S$4.16) for regular size.

Kaya Toast starting from ¥430 (S$5.59).

And the sets we all love starting from ¥860 (S$11.18).


When you look at that price you’re probably:

Image: Giphy

On the bright side, when we go lim kopi, we can now say it’s like a cafe. In fact, this Ya Kun outlet is apparently labelled as a “Singapore cafe”.

Image: Gurunavi

Those are definitely cafe-like prices, if not anything else.

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But wait, actually I lied. Cause there’s a promo, where the price for a set is only ¥490 (S$6.37):

Image: Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Now, that’s not too far off.


Sells Other Local Dishes Like Chicken Rice And Nasi Lemak Too

If you need non-kaya reasons to visit the cafe, this will be it. Chicken rice set goes for ¥900 (S$11.70).

Image: Ya Kun Kaya Toast

In their regular menu, you can also find Nasi Lemak, Chicken Satay, Curry Chicken, Laksa, Mee Siam and Mee Rubus for about ¥1200 (S$15.00).

But as for whether their standards are up there or not, we can’t tell you yet. Cause Mothership received news that there are currently only drink items in that outlet. The food items will be out in July.

How To Eat Kaya Toast

In some Japanese restaurants, you’ll see signs with clear instructions on the “proper way” to eat the food.


Now we have those illustrations for Kopi and Kaya too.

Image: Ya Kun Japan

The illustrations not only show the difference between Kopi-O and Kopi-C but also how to eat Kaya Toast:

Image: Ya Kun Japan

On their website, you’ll also find an explanation that Kaya Toast is “soul food”.

Image: Ya Kun Japan

Wait, pandan leaf is a herb?

Well, when this Covid-19 outbreak is over, maybe we should just take a jaunt to Japan and see if it measures up to Singapore standards.

Now, isn’t that a novel way of saying things.

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