Yishun Aunties Kiss & Hug Law Minister K Shanmugam During Walkabout

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Yishun”?

Over the years, many of us have slowly started to associate Yishun with “bad news” and “weird happenings”.

In other words, Yishun is like the upside-down world in Stranger Things.

And I wouldn’t blame anyone… I mean, cat killers and murderers?

But these aunties at Yishun showed a warmer side of Yishun when Minister Shanmugam visited on 3 September.

Minister Interacts With Residents 

On 3 September 2019, Mr K. Shanmugam stopped by a Kopitiam at Northpoint City.

Mr K. Shanmugam is the Minister for Home Affairs and Law, and is currently serving as the MP for Nee Soon GRC.

After the visit, he shared some pictures from the visit on his social media.

The Auntie That Kissed Him 

The aunties from Yishun were really very sweet. In fact, they kind of remind me of my grandma.

This Facebook post garnered over 1,500 likes and 95 shares.

Image: Facebook (K Shanmugam Sc)

In one of the photos that the Minister shared, an elderly woman is seen giving him a kiss on the cheek.

No one:

Me (the auntie): running back to the boy who broke my heart

My friend (auntie in pink): no- 

She also gave him a hug.

Image: Facebook (K Shanmugam Sc)


Though the security guys must have nearly gotten a heart attack.

Just look at his face, circled for you (not sure if he’s one but he sure looks worried):

Image: Facebook (K Shanmugam Sc)

Netizens Response to the Pictures 

Many took to Facebook to comment on the Minister’s warm personality.

Image: Facebook (K Shanmugam Sc)

Wow. Looks like he’s pretty popular with the residents.

Image: Facebook (K Shanmugam Sc)

So popular that one would even consider him to be on a higher level than any K-Pop star out there.

And here are some of the more cheeky reactions from netizens:

Image: Facebook (K Shanmugam Sc)
Image: Facebook (K Shanmugam Sc)

Looks like he’s well-loved by all.

Visits by other Ministers 

Mr K. Shanmugam is not the only one visiting and interacting with residents.

At the Potong Pasir Single-Member Constituency, Mr Ng Chee Meng was seen interacting with residents at a coffeeshop.

Mr Ng Chee Meng is currently a Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office and Secretary-General of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC).

Mr Chee wasn’t mobbed in quite the same way, but then again not everyone is K. Shanmugam, are they?


I mean, have you seen how he grilled a Facebook executive?

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