Yishun Drug Bust with $68,000 Worth of Heroin, Because #Yishun

Where else could the latest drug bust be, but Yishun? With a reputation for being a strange town and often carrying bad news, only Yishun could be the culprit for this crime.

Almost one whole kilogram of heroin worth $68000 and some cash amounting up to $8000 was found under the possession of 4 people, on the 1st of March. Hiding in wait at an industrial building in Yishun at 4.20am (420? Coincidence much?) were CNB officers, observing suspected illegal drug activities.

from The Straits Times

In a flash, two Malaysians rode by on a motorcycle and got off. Two Singaporean men, aged 52 and 29, went up to them, then returned to the car. No question as to what they might have done there.

Unsurprisingly, the CNB officers caught up with them easily, arresting the Singaporeans on Ubi Avenue 2 and the Malaysians in the industrial building. What’s more, after finding the heroin, the officers further discovered more of the drug in the 52-year-old’s home.

While investigations are still ongoing, local law states that drug trafficking can lead to a death penalty. Since they were carrying enough drugs to feed 180 addicts, it’s not likely they can escape that sentence; they’d better start praying hard.

This isn’t Yishun’s strangest news so far, and it probably won’t be in the future. Let’s just watch for the next time they hit their new high.

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Featured Image: straitstimes.com

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