Yishun Again! Yishun Man Charged for Attempting to Smuggle Drugs



Continuing the trend of disturbing news coming from Yishun comes another episode in the series, this time about drugs. After a long string of cases like knife attacks or the cat murders (Jesus, so many cats), drugs were bound to show up sooner or later.

The answer is ‘sooner’, as a Singaporean man who lived in Yishun was involved in an Australian drug smuggling syndicate. 

Actually, we take that back, as a drug related incident happened in Yishun just last year June when a suspected drug syndicate leader was arrested.

This time, however, the stakes got a lot higher.

The Man Who Put Us on the World Map, This Time for Something Bad

Image: straitstimes.com

The man, Barry Zheng Chongde, was arrested on December 12, 2016, along with nine other Chinese nationals off the coast of Tasmania by Australian authorities. The syndicate, operating from a former Japanese whaling vessel, tried to move more than A$60 million (or S$64.6 million) worth of cocaine into the country.

The appalling tale was already as incredible as it gets, with a gang of 10 men hauling a multi-million-dollar cargo of cocaine. However, true to the nature of such tales originating from the land of Yishun, the truth of the tale was even more ridiculous.


Attempted to Make Contact Multiple Times Before Arrest

The whaling ship had already attempted to meet their local counterparts multiple times prior to being raided, by positioning their ship in international waters and waiting for smaller boats to arrive.

All of their attempts had failed, since the boats that were supposed to come never did. One boat crashed in transit to the port (didn’t even touch water and it crashed), and another ran aground about 100m off the coast near a lighthouse.

Meanwhile, the stars of our story, the aforementioned Yishun man and his compatriots, were stuck in the dilapidated old ship far off from the coast. The waters and weather were not very pleasant, to put it mildly. After days of sailing, they were finally rescued/arrested a few hundred kilometres away from the original meeting point.

The story would have been hilarious if 180kg of cocaine weren’t involved.

We suppose drug trafficking wasn’t all it’s cracked up to be. The involved suspects face sentences of up to life imprisonment if convicted.

Our very own Yishun man was listed as the director of a Singaporean firm, which was no longer situated at the registered address. His neighbours knew him as a sailor.

We can no longer tell if these cases are just a series of ridiculous coincidences, or that Yishun is somehow attracting all these crazy crimes through unexplained magics.

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