You Can Now Buy Bailey’s Ice Cream Sticks At NTUC FairPrice; S$12.50 For Pack Of 6


A fan of Baileys?

A fan of Ice-Cream?

A fan of Baileys Ice-Cream?

Well if you find yourself nodding along to all three aforementioned points, rejoice, folks; because now you can get the delicious concoction in classic…

Stick form.

Image: Instagram (amymeowb)

And the best part about it? You can now get it in selected NTUC Fairprice stores.

You Can Now Buy Bailey’s Ice Cream Sticks At NTUC FairPrice; S$12.50 For Pack Of 6

Baileys might be reputable for its alcoholic content, but let’s face it; that shit’s expensive. And so, it’s really a godsend when Baileys first introduced its alcoholic ice-cream concoctions.

Damn, that’s a dream come true.

And it seems that they never cease to amaze us either. Over the years, Baileys has come up with a number of new flavours and products that consistently excite us, and it seems that they’re at it again…

This time with honest to goodness Baileys ice cream sticks.

Essentially the frozen version of Baileys Irish Cream, these ice-cream sticks were reportedly first launched in Hong Kong in May this year to pretty decent response, with reviewers claiming that it was sweeter and less alcoholic than its beverage counterpart.

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📍係新出既Bailey's雪條! – 好期待 行左幾間7仔終於搵到有得買🤤 咬落去第一下「嗯?!」🤔 隻味同我心目中飲既Baileys有少少唔同🤣 可能因為佢得0.4%酒精🍸 所以Baileys味唔太重 甜甜地 比較似雲尼拿+微微酒精既味道 朱古力脆皮微苦幾好食🍫 同埋好細條 半個手掌心咁大左右🤣🤣 – 總體黎講$17 試下都Ok 但應該就唔會翻兜再買黎食😛 – 。各大7-eleven有售 。#kath_HONGKONG – – #hkiger #hkfoodie #hkfood #hkblogger #hongkongfoodie #hkgirl #hkfoodieblogger #旺角美食 #香港美食 #hkfoodies #香港吃貨 #相機食先 #baileys #baileys雪條 #baileysicecream #hkeats #hkeat #hkfoodpic #hkfoodporn

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And honestly, do the visuals not seem appealing to you?

Because they certainly do to me.


But Wait… I Don’t Wanna Get Drunk!

Now I know what you’re wondering.

“Alcoholic Ice-Cream? I don’t wanna get drunk though! I’ve work tomorrow, and I can’t afford a hangover. Plus, coupled with the sugar high, I’m gonna get real high and tipsy! What if I go and flash myself to my hot neighbour? She’s gonna see all my manly bits and get infatuated with me! I can’t afford that!”

But here’s the thing; you’ve no need to worry about that. According to reports, each stick of ice cream has an alcoholic content of 0.4 per cent, so the only way you’re even remotely gonna get drunk is if you down like 20 of them.

Which I doubt you will… I hope?

And So… What’re You Waiting For?

If you’ve been craving for a good ol’ ice-cream stick with a dip of novelty and spurt of alcoholic Baileys, this is it. So mark down the details:


Location: Selected NTUC Fairprice stores islandwide (we aren’t quite sure about the supporting outlets here, but Bukit Batok MRT outlet’s effectively out of the equation for now)

Price: S$12.50 for a pack of six sticks (ain’t that expensive too)

And with that in mind, I shall see you at your nearest NTUC Fairprice store. 😉 just kidding I’ve better things to do than to stalk you.