You Can Now Buy Toblerone Chocolate Cake With Almonds in Singapore For S$9.26



I remember the first time I laid eyes on it.

It looked like a chocolate bar made by toddlers who were particularly adept in the kitchen. It had nougat, peanuts, and caramel with a chocolate coating. Only a genius child could come up with such an unhealthy but delectable blend of ingredients for a dessert.

When I took the first bite of that chocolatey goodness, I looked towards the sky and realized that miracles do exist, though only in chocolate form.

Yes, I’m talking, of course, about Snickers.

Sweet, rich, and peanut-y, Snickers is the one chocolate bar I always-

Editor: Uh… We’re doing a Toblerone article


Editor: You know, the chocolate bar that comes in that long, light brown triangular package?


You mean the one that has very little chocolate and lots of nougat that gets stuck in your teeth?

Editor: That’s the one


Editor: Yeah

Editor: …

I remember the first time I laid eyes on-


You Can Now Buy Toblerone Chocolate Cake With Almonds in Singapore For S$9.26

Are you a Toblerone fan? I don’t understand why you would be, but if you are, I have good news for you.

Your favourite Swiss chocolate bar brand has come out with an Almondy Toblerone Chocolate Cake.

This product was made in collaboration with Swedish bakery Almondy and Swiss.


So what is inside this glorious cake? I’ll let Almondy describe it for you:

Almondy chocolate cake topped with chunks of Toblerone combines our irresistible almond base with rich chocolate cream and smooth milk chocolate. On top you’ll find a generous layer of Toblerone pieces all covered with smooth milk chocolate.


The whole cake can serve up to eight people and according to Mothership, it is gluten-free.

Image: Giphy

Reader: Stop talking and SHOW ME PICTURES.


Well, here you go.

Image: The Sweet Life UK

Ok, I have to admit, it looks pretty delicious. As you can see, this cake comes in one of those frozen-prata-looking boxes. That’s because it’s a frozen cake.

To defrost, Almondy recommends leaving a single slice at room temperature with the wrapping removed for 30 minutes, or 50 minutes if you want to defrost the entire cake so you can eat your feelings.

Image: Giphy

You can purchase this tasty treat at Giant supermarkets and online via RedMart.

We’re not sure how much it costs at Giant outlets, but it’s retailing for S$9.26 on Redmart.