You Can Now Date KFC Colonel Sanders In a Game Produced by KFC

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Did you ever think of KFC… and thought that it was kind of hot?

No, not hot and crispy in that way.

Hot and crispy in that way ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

I’m talking about the perfect date being in a KFC, being caressed by the sweet Sanders whispering dirty things about fried chicken (and possibly other things that our minds can’t handle).

I’m talking about bringing Finger Lickin’ Good to an entirely different level ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°).

Now you can. In a stupidly sexy Sanders dating game.

Image: YouTube (KFC)

Hahaha, this can’t be real right? Must be some fan-made picture or game that people always made.


Game Is Real, And It’s Really Produced By KFC

It’s on Steam if you are still in disbelief. And it’s coming out soon.

On 24 Sep 2019.

And if you zoom in…

You’ll see that the publisher is really KFC.

Image: Reddit (user AwesomeGuy9011)

Look, it’s even on their official YouTube channel:


You’re A Promising Culinary Student, And There’s 9 Other Lovable Characters

The official description says that it follows your journey as you ” try to date your classmate, Colonel Sanders”. Yep, no tiptoeing around that there! Just straight up told us that’s the objective of the game instead of some wishy-washy might be-might-not-be relationship.

Like any dating sim, decisions you make in the game will affect your friendship and love, and affect the real animated characters’ feelings.

(and some say this even affects your real-life relationships. Don’t quote me on this.)

But who are these 9 characters?

We have a meaty arch-rival:

Image: Steam (KFC)


A spectacled childhood friend, who we know will never win.

Image: Steam (KFC)

A professor doggo.

Image: Steam (KFC)

Food battles.


Image: Steam (KFC)

Choosing partners…? And an oven or refrigerator-kun?

Image: Steam (KFC)

But I bet you wanna ask the real questions now.

Is this really the Finger Lickin’ Good ero- dating sim that you were looking?


In other words…

Are There Hot And Crispy Scenes?

I can’t seem to find this on the official steam page anymore, but certain friends seem to say that the “nudity” tag was there.


It might be exactly what you think it is. Or it could be something else.

I don’t have proof of this except hearsay and word-of-mouth, but that’s the word on the streets.


Shut up and take my money!

Image: Giphy

But, It’s Free

That’s right. For the first time, some corporate out there isn’t looking to take your money.

(Not for this game at least.)

I’m throwing money at my screen right now, but the date on the Steam page doesn’t seem to want to go near the current date faster.


Or maybe the anime style isn’t quite for you. In that case, here’s another of that Finger Lickin’ Good Sanders in CGI:

Guess I’ll be eating some KFC soon.

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