You could have a stroke when you shampoo in a salon. Here’re the shocking facts!


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:54 pm

Sometime back in January 2014, Elizabeth Smith had a stroke. It was linked to her recent visit to her hair stylist. She’s a mother of two kids.

Believe it or not, it was caused by something all of us go through while we’re at the hair salon. It was the dreaded sink and shampoo chair.

The results of Smith’s CT scan showed that an artery at her neck was damaged by the sink and shampoo chair of the Blowbunny Blow Dry and Hair Extension Bar of San Diego.

The medical term for this stroke is the beauty parlor stroke.

So What Really is a Beauty Parlor Stroke?
This particular stroke happens when there’s excessive pressure on the arteries on your neck. The arteries are either torn or cut if a whiplash happens, or hyper-extension during your shampoo and wash.

The damage inside the blood vessel causes clotting and irregular blood flow. When the blood clots succumb to the pressure and shoot up towards your brain, it causes a stroke. This theory was believed to have been said by the head of stroke research of the famous John Hopkins University.

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Can You Avoid This Nasty Stroke?
Yes, you can! Ask your regular salon if they have a different way to shampoo and wash your hair. One that doesn’t involve you lying over the sink like a chicken that’s about to be slaughtered.

You could also see if the saloon’s chair has a comfortable support for your neck. The salons that come with shampoo chairs with adjustable neck supports are keepers.

None of your salons got this covered? Ask for a couple of towels to pad the back of your neck while you get your hair washed. Getting a bit wet while the job’s done doesn’t hurt, as long as you’re beauty stroke-free!

What to do If You Have Neck Pain after Your Salon Visit
Assess your neck after every trip to the salon. Are you experiencing pain? Is there a mild bruise where your neck met the shampoo chair’s?


The more serious signs of stroke are slurring, a droopy face, vision loss and dizziness. Should you encounter any of these symptoms, check yourself into the nearest emergency room. We’re serious.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Now that you know, always be on the side of caution while you’re getting your hair washed in the salon! Alternatively, just go to normal barber shops and wash your hair at home. It’s cheaper that way too!

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